The New Year - 2018

Months have passed since I penned a note to Healing Knots.  It has occurred to me that I have been silent.  And there has been something peaceful about just leaving a message of summer up.  I love summer and the thought that it is summer is always a great place to sit in my world.

But, with a New Year upon us, it seems worthy of some words.  2018!  Such a nice number.  I love the number 8.  It is almost like two of my wood beads sitting on top of each other, almost like a snowman.

The number 8 represents Infinity and everything good in the universe which is infinite, such as infinite love, infinite supply, infinite energy, infinite time . . . in other words, 8 represents complete and unending abundance without any lack.”

Just placing “The number 8” in Google and the above information appeared on my screen.

What a wonderful way to face this year.  To embrace infinite love, supply, energy and time. 

Oh, that is about all a person needs to feel like it is going to be a good year.  My year is filled with change.  Change at work, change at home, change in my own heart as I begin to understand what lies in the middle of my heart and what I want my every day to be filled with.

Then as I focus on change, I am caught with such raw emotion of what still IS.  A friend reached out to order a bracelet for a mother.  The mother lost her 16 year old daughter to the horror of depression a couple of months ago.  I made a bracelet filled with pink and bling.  Her daughter loved pink and bling.  Natural beads were the base bead to give that feeling of light and love.  The day the mother was given the bracelet she reached out to me and texted, “I received your amazing bracelet and I am so grateful.  Your kindness really touched me.  I would like to chat sometime.”

This simple elastic, wood beads and knots.  They still come from a place of infinite love, hope and belief that we can heal.  Making those bracelets gave me the courage to say I can still love.  I can still hold someone’s hand that is in that horrible hole of grief.  That simple gesture is still something that matters so deeply to me.  We were suppose to meet for coffee to talk and she called to say she was too tired and must rest.  So proud of her for knowing she must go back and take care of her fragile broken heart.  Oh, that is what we must do.  We spoke briefly on the phone and she asked how I came to making Healing Knots bracelets.  Tears began to roll down my cheeks as I shared my journey of knots and beads and making a story to wear on your wrist.  It brought my love for my brother back to the very middle of my heart again.  Right in the middle where there is that big crack.  The crack is still there but time has given me the space to hold it.  The courage to share my story and hopefully hold someone else in their space of the broken.  The raw grief that has your whole world turned upside down.

Sonya.  Your bracelet brought me so much.  Getting to know you and hold your story of your gorgeous daughter will be safe with me.  Your daughter is a story we all want to know and hear.  It is still my favorite joy and day when I know I am making a bracelet for someone.  Time has given me the stillness to not have to make all moments Healing Knots.  In fact, Emily and I have barely been posting much on Instagram.  We let the website rest.  It now just feeds into a Facebook page.  It is all good.  It is all change.  Sometimes sitting back is the best thing to do.  But, making bracelets is still happening.  Every time someone reaches out to me to make someone a bracelet it is one more string in my heart that knows I am forever healing and that every bead and every knot take my heart to a space of peace.  Infinite peace.

May this New Year be one of great love, great joy, great compassion and infinite peace.

2018. Go make it a great one!

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