That First Wave of Summer

That first wave of summer...
I can feel it coming...as the calendar flips from May to June.
That special feeling of AHHHHHHH!
School is done.
Books are turned in.
The sun is setting up for those days of golden goodness.
That first wave of shorts, flip flops, and lazy summer days.
Welcome sweet June as we round out the first half of the year.
6 months have passed and it is time to feel that sunshine on your face, roll up the sleeves, and start getting some of that summer color on your skin.
All of us get to celebrate that we made it through the first half of this year.
For some it was easy, some it was hard, most of all, DONE.
Let that wave crash down on you and wash a layer of relaxation on your body.
Weeknights without homework. Weekdays with less traffic.
Weekends by the pool, the grill roaring for dinner to be cooked.
Summer is good. Go have some fun!
You deserve it.

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