Running into the Wind

Today I went for a run. No matter what road I picked or what turn I made, I was running into the wind. I kept hoping I would turn a corner and the wind would be at my back and give you that feeling that someone was helping you move forward. But, it never happened. As it kept whistling in my ears and blowing into my face, I began to accept it. I even began to like it. It was as close to being at the ocean as I could get today. So, for that reason alone, it became something that made me smile.

And then, as Bob packs Mitchell's car to head to Dallas and make this next transition into his first chapter of freedom and healing, I realized the wind is something that can actually hold you up when you run into it. When the wind is at your back, it is pushing you forward, forcing you in a direction. When you are running into it, you are the one in control. It becomes something so very different. So maybe that is what symbolizes our new chapter. Maybe running into the wind means that cool, refreshing feeling of new beginnings. The feeling of hope, good decisions, owning your life, and choices to do good.

Maybe that is where we are going. Not something pushing us forward, forcing movement. But, the fresh sea air washing over your face and singing in your ears.

Oh, I will take it!

Let the wind take you away and blow all sorts of new possibilities into our world.

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