Running into the Wind

Today I went for a run. No matter what road I picked or what turn I made, I was running into the wind. I kept hoping I would turn a corner and the wind would be at my back and give you that feeling that someone was helping you move forward. But, it never happened. As it kept whistling in my ears and blowing into my face, I began to accept it. I even began to like it. It was as close to being at the ocean as I could get today. So, for that reason alone, it became something that made me smile.

And then, as Bob packs Mitchell's car to head to Dallas and make this next transition into his first chapter of freedom and healing, I realized the wind is something that can actually hold you up when you run into it. When the wind is at your back, it is pushing you forward, forcing you in a direction. When you are running into it, you are the one in control. It becomes something so very different. So maybe that is what symbolizes our new chapter. Maybe running into the wind means that cool, refreshing feeling of new beginnings. The feeling of hope, good decisions, owning your life, and choices to do good.

Maybe that is where we are going. Not something pushing us forward, forcing movement. But, the fresh sea air washing over your face and singing in your ears.

Oh, I will take it!

Let the wind take you away and blow all sorts of new possibilities into our world.


Age and Stage

Life has been so full of experiences I have not had time to write anything, make bracelets, or even just take a minute to sit down and review what the last two months have been for me and my family. 
As always, when my invitation to write starts knocking on my door, I get the title first. Last week “Age and Stage” was the title. It would come to me in the morning and I would think to myself, maybe as you sip your first cup of coffee this title can be addressed.” Well, it happened to be on Tuesday night around 9:45pm as I snuggled into my favorite time of the day, in bed wearing my comfy PJ’s and starting to grab a book for some much needed escape time. As I my head hit the pillow and  I reached to turn on my bedside lamp, the urge to write did not lightly knock on my door, it came barreling down on me and said, “NOW.”  I was not about to get out of bed for my computer or a pad of paper. For the first time ever I just grabbed my phone, opened up a new email on my screen and started typing. Yes, I was crushing it on my cell phone key pad. The words were flying from my tired fingers onto my phone screen. These were words that had to be put on paper.  They were telling my story that I had been logging over that last few months. All of this had been stirring somewhere in my psyche and was just bursting to get out.
As I tapped away on my phone, my sweet husband looked over at me and said, “really, what in the world are you doing?” He still says, I cannot believe you were writing on the phone the other night.
I want to share with you what my phone was holding for me. It is real, it is honest. It is probably more personal than I usually share. But, Emily told me this…I think it’s important to share the realness and healing. Let me know and I can post.” For all of you that know Emily, you know that she is the boss of anything Healing Knots.  So here we go…. 
On Tue, Apr 4, 2017 at 10:11 PM, Corinne Cargnoni <cpc64@austin.rr.com> wrote:

Age and Stage!
So I have been saying this for years. And maybe, just maybe I get to move to another stage. I have permission to tell the truth. That is huge! I guess we all get to decide if we want to tell the truth everyday of our life. But, if telling the truth is telling someone else's truth, it is different. So I was given permission to tell my truth and reveal another person's story. That is a big step in healing by the way. Secrets and silence are always the sign of sickness or dysfunction. So here comes a big fat slice of healing. My precious boy is 23 years old and he just invited healing and recovery into his life. Our whole family is breathing a sigh of relief.

We lost him for about 8 years to drugs and alcohol. We fought it hard. We drug tested, grounded him, sent him to counseling. We shut his world down - but it did not save him. So all of us watched his life deteriorate. He flunked out of college, he was fired, arrested, homeless, friendless, hopeless, and depressed.  We loved him with boundaries and it was not enough. We were losing the fight. One summer he decided he would move to Colorado with a friend. I drove him to the Greyhound bus station. It was so sad. He felt so lost. 
Maybe Colorado would work, we thought. What a break to not have to watch him struggle and suffer. My daughter said with tears in her eyes, He feels like a stranger in our house.

Fast forward...he is now 7 months sober and has a new lease on life. He understands drugs and alcohol destroyed his soul. He is about to be out of treatment and in a sober home. He said I could tell his story. I can't tell his story. He is the only one that can tell his story. He wears his bracelet and he says he really understands Healing Knots. He gives bracelets to friends in recovery and tells me they value them. We have a connection and I love him so much. I know he has been tortured. We have all been tortured. It is time that his story starts to shine.

Mitchell, go live your story. And maybe one day you will share this journey and it will have a happy ending. We all need a happy ending. I love you and I love that you wear your bracelet! Make us proud! Go shine!

I am so proud of you!


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I emailed this to Mitchell – his response is below.

From: Mitchell Cargnoni <mitchellcargnoni@gmail.com>
Date: April 5, 2017 at 8:24:41 PM CDT
To: Corinne Cargnoni <cpc64@austin.rr.com>
Subject: Re: Age and stage

I like it a lot. And the relief is real. I love you so much.



Thank you all for caring and loving us through this time in our family. We are happy to announce we are in a new age and stage!!

Godspeed and may healing be the theme for this wonderful season of Spring!