written by: Esther Pruitt

Why do people hope?
Why do people trust such a fragile
unsteady thought?
A thought of some place good.
A try with no fail.
A world without suffering.
A sky without cloud.
A breeze without chill.
A life with no death.
These things seem distant to us,
they become part of our imagination
Twisted with earthly desires
Extinguished by the bitterness of reality.
Hope is strong, but it is also weak.
When hope is what we rely on for the sake of our own lives
When the only thing we can cling to is the promise for tomorrow
That is when hope is our strength
When we need it most, it is our security
But hope, when twisted, is weak.
Hope is meant to be pure.
Purity, combined with earthly desire and expectation, will crumble.
The reason hope is seen as foolish is because we make it foolish
We hope for things that are not always part of the plan
We hope for the health of loved ones
Who soon then pass
We hope for peace
When conflict in our nature
We hope for strength
When we dare not confront fear
We hope because we must.
We hope because it is the only thing that we will trust and trust again.
The only thing that will fail and fail again.
But nevertheless we will always have it.
Hope is not a goal
Hope is not the outcome
Hope is how we get there

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