Breathe More, Talk Less

Today I went to yoga. Boy, did I need it. I had been traveling most of last week, so nothing felt normal. And not to mention last week as election week and nothing was normal.

With my water and mat in hand, it was going to make everything better if I could stretch back to normal. Class started and I realized that what happened last week was the ever famous event called “change.” And what we have all grown to understand about change is this little equation.  Now, I did not learn this in any math class, but it is a universal law I know:


Someone help me. Is this a law of physics? Chemistry? Neuroscience? Did Freud write some fascinating human behavior model that taught us this? Or, is it just that basic thing called “life”?
So I kept doing what the teacher was telling me to do. The poses were the same, but I was still changed. Changed by weeks of rabid talk from the two sides. Changed by sleeping in a different bed. Changed by knowing I had to travel in a week to go see my mother-in-law who has suffered from multiple strokes.  

As my thoughts rounded the corner, I realized it is time to think about Thanksgiving. Still doing all of the downward dogs, balancing poses and more – Thanksgiving finally hit my radar.

I guess the election helped us all forget it was November. Then my equation of “change=new normal” took me for another spin.

I love to set the table for Thanksgiving. I like to set it days earlier so you can walk by and start to get excited about that day. The day of cooking, feasting and cleaning. Hanging out with family, friends, neighbors – whoever you end up chowing on turkey with that year. Such a special day of together with friends and family.

And what has changed in your life since you thought about setting your Thanksgiving table last year? Who is still in your life? Who is gone? What was making you smile last year this time?  Who would you sit next to this year for that Thursday in November?

And in the middle of all of my thoughts, which by the way, you are not supposed to be doing when you are taking a yoga class, I heard the best words I had heard in weeks.

"Breathe more and talk less" – the teacher said loud and clear.

And I realized maybe that is the change I need right now. Just breathe more to get through what has changed in your life and in your heart. There has been enough talking this month.  

Let’s just all breathe more.

Maybe that will help us get to our Thanksgiving table and know we are blessed.

Breathe more talk less. Your new normal is waiting for you. 

We can do it!


Find some joy today & carry hope!