Weather You Like it or Not!

Today I busted out for a walk. Sometimes the freedom to just head out the front door to take a walk during the day is such a gift it makes me giddy. This was one of those days. September in Austin is still summer. So I was preparing for the bright sun and the sweat to start rolling.

What a surprise. When I turned the corner off of my street a huge cold breeze blew into my face. How could this be? It was such a surprise. Which got me thinking...being outside and experiencing the weather is about as close to being a human and experiencing all of our internal emotions as you can get. Okay, this might be a stretch for many. But, if you have heard it once you have heard it 100 times, “spending time outside is one way to keep your mental health in check.”  That is what I felt today. My whole emotional experience changed when that cool breeze blew across my body.  

Weather is a reflection of every emotion that we all experience.  From stormy to bright and sunny!!!  We can all relate to how parallel the outside can reflect some experience we have had on our insides.

I was instantly so thankful I was outside. My thoughts that I had been carrying from inside my house after reading the paper were instantly changed. I started looking at the flowers, the colors, the leaves that were blowing on the street. It brought me blazing into this moment and this very place in time it was like I was given a gift. Outside is the best place to shift your insides.

I believe it so strongly. The people I know that spend time outside gardening, exercising, walking around Town Lake, etc. All of them carry a different feeling of carefree and joy. Try it for one day.  Just go somewhere. See what the breeze has to offer. Let the sun kiss your face. Walk somewhere that you can see the different plants and leaves as they blow around your feet.

It could hardly get easier. A gift from the earth, weather you like it or “knot!”
Just a Healing Knots moment.

Have a beautiful day!

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