The Special Club – H.W.

This morning I went to yoga. The miracle of a Labor Day weekend and the gift of getting Monday off from work. The class was full and you could tell a lot of the students were sweating out the football game and all of the concessions that go along with that. The teacher is one that is rather militant and the class is a strict series of poses that she barks you into; not a class that is touching and fills your heart with kind words. So ready, set, go is how the class starts.

Well, today was a day where that worked for me. I needed to just get the exercise on my mat and leave my heart out of it. As we went from downward dog and onward into other poses, it was humble warrior that caught my attention today. Both of those words became just what I needed to think about. For this past week was a week that held a lot of challenge and change in my family. When times get tough, I realize only a few people can stand with you and let you weather the storm. And with that, I realized that very special club of people that are the Humble Warriors in my life. It is amazing how you get into the club. Never do you imagine that your life will land you there. But, these things happen to all of us...these feelings of loss, sadness, despair. Losing control of something or someone in your life and realizing you must just surrender and accept the outcome. Re-writing your story to include something that changed the course of your life and knowing that it will be forever changed. Landing on the other side of these events is how you get to the place of Humble Warrior.

The humble part – not proud or arrogant: modest. Courteously respectful.
And add that to the warrior – soldier: a person who has shown great vigor, courage, or aggressiveness.

The place where these two come together and you become that person. Weathered by the storm and changed forever in your heart by the experience. In these moments it gives you the amazing capacity to love and care for others that are facing something that is changing their lives and breaking their heart.

To all of my humble warriors out there, you are the hands that reach out even when your own life is unstable and you are facing challenge. But, you can hear others' pain and let them know they are loved and safe sharing. The humble warrior does not try to fix your problem. They just know that they can stand next to you no matter how scary it might get. No shame, no judgment. Just support and understanding.

The pose is so very telling. The grasping of two hands, the bending over towards the earth, almost like a surrender. Both feet planted firmly and the legs using all of their muscles to hold you up to maintain the experience.

Thank you Humble Warriors for being able to do just that.

Today I can celebrate a day off to stop and move into the grounding and inspiring pose of humble warrior; at the same time, to take the time to honor those in my life that are my humble warriors.

Blessings and thank you.

Be strong and carry on!!


  1. You find words to share when you should be receiving words of comfort. You are a gift. I am grateful for your words. I will always be honored to be by your side.

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