Summer of 2016!

This is final. Tomorrow school starts around here. That is the true end of summer. Oh, how can summer go so quickly? We say that - but if you start thinking back to early June it does feel so long ago. Then the sweet memories that only summer can hold start rolling through my mind:

  • No traffic 
  • Sunday afternoons by the pool 
  • Dripping bathing suits in the shower 
  • Piles of beach towels to be washed 
  • The simple morning routine with no rushing out the door to practice or class 
  • The tank top and shorts outfit that you wear when the temperatures peak in the 90’s 
  • Summer birthdays 
  •  Trips to the beach 
  • Sand in your car 
  • The smell of sunscreen on your skin 
  • Late dinners on the back porch 
  • Remembering the days gone by when your summer memories were so simple and childlike

I think summer washes over all of us and gets you to relax and play outside. Maybe it is only to run from your air conditioned car to another air conditioned building. But summer is in the air…no matter what you did to fill those sun-filled days.

There is no denying summer is special.

This year summer was special. In it’s own way. It is my favorite season. So slow, so relaxing, floating in a pool or the ocean is my favorite way to feel alive and happy.

Take today and make it a great last day of summer. Sun-kissed and summer happy!

Don't forget your sunscreen & bracelets! 

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