Hope is in the Air

Today, hope is in the air. On page #645 in the dictionary sits that wonderful word “hope.”

"Hope – the feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out well. . To feel that something desired may happen. To believe, desire, or trust."

Today is filled with hope because someone I love very much is starting a rehab program. Why certain people get stuck in a downhill spiral and find every habit to keep their soul entrenched in pain and substance abuse is something that will forever break my heart. But, today we get to be filled with hope. Hope that something new will be happening. Hope that the dark cloud of bad decisions will be lifted. Hope that the amazing person we all know and love will start to come back.

I am fully aware of the challenges of making dramatic lifestyle changes. Change is the hardest thing we can ever do even when we want it with every cell in our body.

But today the sun will shine and my heart will be filled with hope.

Hope is a long lost friend that I refuse to dismiss from my life. Hope is what makes us keep facing each day. Hope is what gives us the spirit of forgiveness. Hope is on my heart today. May it fill yours, too.

Happy Tuesday…let hope fill your heart.