For so many writing was something you were forced to do in school. The dreaded English class in high school, or the freshman composition class in college that was required for all majors, the letters home from camp; so many ways we were told to write that did not really give us the freedom to share what was on our hearts.

My father wrote. He wrote me letters when I was starting my family in Texas. One Christmas I gave him a kit of stationary and I called it “LTT”. That stood for “Letters To Texas.” All I asked him to do was to write me letters. So I have a file of letters from him during those early years of me becoming a mother and growing these babies up in the state of Texas while he was in Alabama. He also wrote a toast for my rehearsal dinner. Just recently my step-mother found the written version of that toast. This is where the act of writing becomes part of your family fabric. There is nothing more precious than seeing these words on paper that came from my father who is no longer with us. These words can remind me of that special night in Palo Alto at the Italian restaurant when all of my closest friends and family gathered to celebrate that I was going to marry my sweetheart, Bob. My father’s handwritten toast is now history. Written history of a glorious moment in my life.  

My father and I did not have the perfect relationship. We had some chapters that are not really worth sharing. But, that night he spoke with love and great support. Now, 28 years later, I can read those words and feel his love. My children can see the words that their grandfather spoke that are filled with love and kindness about their father. It is a true full circle moment. All of this because my father wrote. So maybe that is why I started to write. It was something that I had watched and felt the beauty of what might not appear in a face-to-face encounter can sometimes be shared and felt on paper.

I started buying books that would instruct me on how to write. Not because I was in school, but because I felt a part of my heart pour on paper that did not have a place to speak in my life. The words that fly from my heart to my fingers are so different. In fact, there are so many times when I read something I have written and I do not even remember that being a thought of mine.  I think writing sometimes bypasses the brain where there are so many critics and rules. Writing goes from heart to hand to paper. And maybe that is one of those great moments of “grace.”

Today I want to just share with you the part of your life that rests in your heart…pick up a pencil and grab some paper…just put words on paper. They will bring you to another state of living. Gratitude, appreciation, happiness. Open your laptop and just start with “Today  I….”  Writing can help you understand what matters in your life. Writing can help you find the tiny voice that never speaks up but is always inside of you. Writing can bring you a wonderful understanding that your brain is not always able to process.

These are some of the amazing books that can help you have the courage to just DO IT!

I know you can do it.
Write something today…maybe it will be found in 28 years by a relative of yours that can’t remember you. Maybe those words on paper will bring comfort to a child that has forgotten a special moment in life. I promise this is all possible.

Pick up a pencil and go write…
Have a beautiful Sunday!
Write on…


Hope is in the Air

Today, hope is in the air. On page #645 in the dictionary sits that wonderful word “hope.”

"Hope – the feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out well. . To feel that something desired may happen. To believe, desire, or trust."

Today is filled with hope because someone I love very much is starting a rehab program. Why certain people get stuck in a downhill spiral and find every habit to keep their soul entrenched in pain and substance abuse is something that will forever break my heart. But, today we get to be filled with hope. Hope that something new will be happening. Hope that the dark cloud of bad decisions will be lifted. Hope that the amazing person we all know and love will start to come back.

I am fully aware of the challenges of making dramatic lifestyle changes. Change is the hardest thing we can ever do even when we want it with every cell in our body.

But today the sun will shine and my heart will be filled with hope.

Hope is a long lost friend that I refuse to dismiss from my life. Hope is what makes us keep facing each day. Hope is what gives us the spirit of forgiveness. Hope is on my heart today. May it fill yours, too.

Happy Tuesday…let hope fill your heart.


Summer of 2016!

This is final. Tomorrow school starts around here. That is the true end of summer. Oh, how can summer go so quickly? We say that - but if you start thinking back to early June it does feel so long ago. Then the sweet memories that only summer can hold start rolling through my mind:

  • No traffic 
  • Sunday afternoons by the pool 
  • Dripping bathing suits in the shower 
  • Piles of beach towels to be washed 
  • The simple morning routine with no rushing out the door to practice or class 
  • The tank top and shorts outfit that you wear when the temperatures peak in the 90’s 
  • Summer birthdays 
  •  Trips to the beach 
  • Sand in your car 
  • The smell of sunscreen on your skin 
  • Late dinners on the back porch 
  • Remembering the days gone by when your summer memories were so simple and childlike

I think summer washes over all of us and gets you to relax and play outside. Maybe it is only to run from your air conditioned car to another air conditioned building. But summer is in the air…no matter what you did to fill those sun-filled days.

There is no denying summer is special.

This year summer was special. In it’s own way. It is my favorite season. So slow, so relaxing, floating in a pool or the ocean is my favorite way to feel alive and happy.

Take today and make it a great last day of summer. Sun-kissed and summer happy!

Don't forget your sunscreen & bracelets! 



Happy Thursday! This is such great food for thought via Daily Calm!