The Fourth of July

Independence Day.

I went for a walk today and so many flags flapping in the breeze.  It is a wonderful holiday that we all get to celebrate this weekend.  The 4th of July.

In my trusty Webster Dictionary it is defined as:
Independence Day, n. July 4, a U.S. holiday commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776.  Also called Fourth of July.

This got me thinking today on my walk.  What makes us feel independent?  What are 4 things that are in my life that keep me striving for that wonderful word and state of being that we call “independence?”

 Webster once again helps us understand that powerful word – Independent – not influenced or controlled by others:  thinking or acting for oneself.

I feel certain this means something to each of us at different times in our lives.  And on this holiday it makes me dig deep to find what  words are floating in my heart these days that help me continue to strive for that which will help me function in a way that keeps me living in a space of “independence.”

These tiny moments of grace continue to trickle down on my life.  Last night was one…at 2:30am a surprise landed on my front porch.  I am beginning my birthday countdown and I think my best present was delivered to me…in the shape of a 20 year old son named Nathan Cargnoni.
He has not been home for months and he was given a 4 day pass from work and he called his Dad to say, “how about I drive home and surprise Mom for her early birthday? And that he did.”  I stumbled down the stairs to find this tall, handsome boy and it was my son. 

Well, that was just the gift I have been needing.  I have needed to see him and be with him and feel that he is indeed growing up and moving forward in his life towards his own independence.  SO that is my first word for my list of July Fourth – four words to Independence:
  1. Stay Open – stay open for the possibility of grace to land in your life. Let surprises happen.
Another wonderful moment that could have just been a silly exchange has been a bounty of wonderful wisdom.  My friend Laura is working on de-cluttering her life and she handed me 4 books that she wanted to get rid of in the parking lot before yoga.  These books have been sitting in my kitchen and each one that I pick up to read is the perfect lesson for me at the time.  Whatever issue my heart has been wrestling with the answers are in that book.  Just the right day and on just the page I am reading.

So my second word in my list is:
  1. Slow Down – slow down and pay attention to something in front of your face.  Slow down and read a book.  
The next one was on the page last night when I was reading and is something I am realizing when it comes to life situations that we cannot control, change or even understand.  It is so simple you have heard it before.

  1. Let Go – just let it go.  Don’t let it own you, hold you or cause you to have a bad attitude.  If something is hard and hurts just see if you can let it go.  See if that leaves you feeling lighter.
And the last one.  Simple again and will forever be my go to for peace and independence from the influence of others and situations that are bigger than you are:
  1. Compassion – live with compassion in your heart.  For yourself first and for others.  Compassion is that wonderful feeling where you can feel both sides of a situation and you don’t have to take sides.  You can be the calm in the storm and feel the love that we all need to get through something difficult.  Just simple. Compassion.
So today..maybe your day is about stars and stripes.  Who are the stars in your life and what stripes have you earned to get to this day??
For me I am going to hold these 4 words to help me feel the independence of this holiday.
  1. Grace
  2. Slow Down
  3. Let Go
  4. Compassion
What are you four words???

Have a wonderful day and weekend.

Happy Birthday America!!  We celebrate you and the gift of living here.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your insights!!! "Slow down" spoke to me!!!! Happy 4th to all. Laura