Sunday was one of those days that I would love to put on “repeat.”

If I could just push a button and have it reappear on my calendar when I needed to take a break or find that moment of refresh.

At 7:00 in the morning I threw towels, a cooler of waters, my dog, 2 of my children, my bag of bracelets to be finished and a cup of warm coffee into my blue van. My sweet husband behind the wheel and we headed to the coast. Yes, the ever famous “one day at the beach” was coming true and I had three of the most precious people in my life going with me. No one was whining or complaining.  Okay, the two in the back were asleep and totally unaware that they were being transported to the ocean so I could breathe in the salt in the air, feel the ocean breeze and just stare at the horizon where water meets sky.

We made it by 11:15 for our brunch reservations at a sweet little restaurant close to the bridge. The clouds were dark, rain was trickling down on our windshield. It did not matter. We were free and had made the great escape. We waited for our brunch to be served and slowly the clouds turned puffy and white. The sky was begging to be blue and the sun was fighting to make an appearance. Again, it did not matter to me. We rounded the corner past the sea oats to Beach Access Road #3. And there it was....the ocean. Just waiting for us to sit and soak up the healing. To sit and watch the waves crash on the shore. Because we are in Texas we are able to drive the car right up to the crashing waves.  Yes, it is a little strange...but, I will take it for now. Sandals off of my feet and toes straight into the sand. AH, relief.

Breeze whipping my hair. Bootsie jumps out and is in shock that her paws sink. She sticks her nose into the sand and I could feel her spirit of a puppy return. I guess we can all feel that when we get to the beach.

We all pour out of the van and start walking. No one needs to talk. The breeze is singing in your ear.  All four of us and Bootsie just start walking...feet sinking, face being kissed by the sun. I have no idea what else to say to you...but, Sunday was a gift for my soul. Hallie took this picture of us standing where the waves hit the shore....and not sure I need to say anything more.

Go to your favorite place. Hold someone’s hand and remember what really matters in life.

Have a beautiful week...life is so precious when we slow down.

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