Memorial Day

My morning started with this wonderful reminder of today. It is such a gift to actually have Memorial Day off to soak in the beauty of what it stands for. Last year I was working at the hotel so it was a work day for me. So happy this is a new year and I have enjoyed the bliss of a new job and I get a three day weekend!!!

This is also my dear brother’s birthday. For those of you that have not lost a sibling that is younger than you are I don’t know if I can explain how confusing the birthday of that person becomes. But, I am going to face this with the joy and celebration that my brother symbolized. So to start my day off right I loaded up my mat and water and headed to 9:30am yoga.

My yoga is my “honey.” It is where I go to escape all of the world. Where I go to stretch back into my body, slow down, sweat out toxins, and basically, reset everything that the real world tries to do to beat us down.

Today was so very special because as class started I looked across the room and saw Melinda. Melinda is a gorgeous person, yoga teacher, mother, grandmother and friend. I have not seen her in months. She was one of the dearest people when my brother came to visit me. I wanted him to enjoy yoga with me so she taught us private yoga classes. She knew that it needed to be safe for a new yoga student and she has a heart of gold. Those memories of yoga with my brother are more”honey” that will forever be in my heart. So Melinda, just like the beauty of honey, golden, sweet, natural, like liquid sunshine – reminded me that the best parts of my life are those that remind me of honey.

If you really think about this….honey is such a gift. Those tiny bees buzz around and spend their lives making this magical, golden sweetness. It moves slowly, glistens like rays of sunshine and brings sweetness to all that it touches.

This is what my brother did to anyone he met. So, to celebrate him today I want to feel all of the honey in my life. The sweet spots that move slowly. The places that feel like golden drops of sunshine that can fill your heart.

What or who is in your life that makes you pause…because they fill your heart with that golden, pure sweetness? Who do you feel makes you slow down, taste the sweetness of each moment and walk away feeling touched by the miracle of honey?

Make today a sweet day…with lots of honey.

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