Flowers and a Note

Yesterday I came home to flowers and a beautiful handwritten note.

The note was written from Vicki. Vicki was traveling to Maryland. It is a trip she never imagined she
would be making without her son being there to greet her. Her precious son Matthew was attending
Goucher College when his life was tragically taken by a drunk driver. Vicki and her husband have
continued to live with the most broken hearts that this amazing person is gone. Vicki brings the deepest feeling of love, faith and compassion to anyone she meets. Her gift of being real and loving others even when her life has been crushed by great loss is something I watch with wonder. Her words are always so beautiful and enlightening.

I wanted to send her on this trip with bracelets for all of the people that have held her hand, prayed
with her and been there for her as she has walked this path of loss and healing. I put a bag of her bracelet gifts on the front porch so she could pick them up on the way to the airport. I wish I could have just held her hand the whole way to Baltimore. Sometimes all you can do is love a friend and give them bracelets as they head out to conquer chapters that are unbearable.

Her gift of flowers and a handwritten note felt like a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. I share her
words because they are so tender and dear. The beauty of her words is that this is what she actually does for me.


There is a stillness in my heart-filled of love and gratitude for the tender mercies of kindness
you continue to pour into the quiet places of healing- places of strength, of peace, of joy – you
are there.

Bless you as my heart smiles.


Let these words remind you that you can make someone’s heart smile. It can be the smallest
handwritten note of love and appreciation. Make someone smile today..all the way into the darkest
crack of their broken heart. You can do it!!!

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