A Blessing

Sometimes it is the funniest things that fly into my brain. One of them that repeats itself and actually makes me pause is the silliest dinner blessing. I bet you have heard it or said it when you were younger. It goes like this, “God is Great, God is Good. Let us thank Him for our food.”

I grew up in Alabama so saying the blessing before a meal is very common. My family usually sang a beautiful blessing that my older sister wrote when she was around 9 years old. It is a wonderful song to a simple tune that says, “Thank you for our bread and our meat and all of the other things that we eat. Thank you for our home and our friends for this is where our happiness begins.”

But the traditional “God is Great” blessing is just something that is taught to everyone in Alabama. It is probably taught with the A,B,C’s. But, as the words repeat themselves in my head sometimes it truly gives me pause. Pause to ask myself that question, “What is your food?” What am I thankful for”  What is feeding my soul and giving me strength? The strength to face another day. The strength to keep holding on to hope even when you feel like a situation cannot get better. The hope that you will find that perfect job that really gives you a chance to shine.

So I ask you that same question on this glorious Friday. 

What is your food?  What feeds your heart?  What makes your soul shine?

Happy Friday!  Thank you for being my food and sharing this Healing Knots journey.

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