See Hope

Seeing people that have suffered great loss with smiles on their faces will forever remind me how strong hope is. 

I have witnessed that we can have our hearts crushed and broken and slowly we will begin to heal. Not that we will ever be the same person, and that our heart will always carry our story – but, that a smile will happen and joy will sneak back into our lives. That to me is the miracle of hope and healing. This is what happened to me this past Friday night. Two women who have both suffered profound and devastating losses have stayed in my life even after they received their Healing Knots bracelets. Sometimes what starts as a bracelet order ends as a heart connection that I cannot imagine my life was ever without. These two women represent the most amazing spirit of great love, great pain and great hope. We gather and bring our stories, our hearts, our tears and our new found ability to feel joy.

This Friday, we met at a local Honkey Tonk. We heard an amazing band, danced, brought our husbands and more friends to enjoy this time of Texas Two-Steppin!!! As I looked across the table at both of these women, I kept noticing their smiles and how a smile on each of their faces represented so much. How hard they have both worked to build back their smiles. And how beautiful a smile is when it knows great pain, for then the smile comes from the deepest place of joy. And with it springs Hope – the hope that we can heal. That at the end of all of the tears and heartache…healing will come. Healing is possible.

I share our text that we had on Saturday morning…because their words are more powerful than I could ever write.  

I woke up Saturday and sent, "Loved seeing you both last night. Seeing you both have smiles on your faces and your precious husbands just made me feel such hope that hearts can heal. Both of you are so gorgeous inside and out."

Vicki responded, "You both bless my life in ways words cannot express! Thank you Lisa for gathering the posse!"

From Lisa: "Ok – I have to get serious for a minute. When I am sitting on the edge of the black hole of grief, dangling my feet, all I need to do is think of my two friends and I know I won’t get sucked in. You both are my most cherished gifts of all! And you are totally fun on top of that. And beautiful too."

From Vicki: "There is always a song in the heart of those who love...A song that holds each other close…No matter where they sit or where their feet dangle…Hearts and a song that hold each other!  You both are the song in my heart…when my feet dangle...I feel your love, my dangling feet begin to dance! May there continue to be strength in our song to dance."


May these words rest in your heart and may this day be filled with good friends. Ones that are safe and can dance with you no matter what you are carrying in your heart.

Thank you Lisa and Vicki for showing us how hearts can heal…with grace and joy. 

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