Andre and 2016

Happy January Healing Knots Friends!!!

January is one of those unique months.  Yesterday I spent the entire day moving furniture, vacuuming, dusting, clearing surfaces that have had pictures and clutter stuck for years, mostly just shifting the house to face a new year.  Maybe just trying to make everything around me feel new and fresh so I could face a new year in the same way. A new year gives us the opportunity to rethink what we might want to fill our lives with.  Maybe rethink where we live or what our living room looks like.  There is something inspiring about changing the number in the dates that we write and maybe that means something can change inside of us.

January marks the “Angel Anniversaries” for both of my parents.  That alone can make a person re-think their life and reminding us that every day is a gift. That every day is an opportunity to do tiny things to make a difference in someone’s day.  Last night I heard my phone make one of those little beeps.  As I read the message it really got my attention.  It came from someone that as a perfect stranger stepped in to help my son one day.  He has stayed in touch and is always so very kind and thoughtful.  These are the people that cross your path and you have no idea why you are so lucky.  He continues to be such a special and kind soul.  Of course, he has a bracelet, and so does his mother.  Please meet Andre.  His message yesterday is so worth sharing.

Happy New Year Andre.  Your kind heart makes a difference.  Thank you for being you!

My text from Andre:
"Today marks the anniversary of my dad's passing. My dad and I didn't always see eye to eye. Yet I learned so much from him and I try my best to pass it on. A few things I'd like to share.
1) Parents aren't perfect. Don't expect them to be. They do the best they can with the tools they have. 
2) If you make a promise do your best to keep it. Your word is your bond. 
3) Cherish every day and those around you. Show people you care while they are still here. 
4) Practice random acts of kindness. You never know what kind a day a person is having. What you say and do just might make a difference. 
5) Share the knowledge and wisdom you've gained. Be a mentor and help others. If we all did that, the world would be a much better place."

Simple words straight from the heart.

Make 2016 a great year!!!

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