Thankful For

Oh, it is time for the thankful for words...

Maybe as you pack your suitcase for this holiday you will find some thought or feeling that will fly onto paper and be worth sharing.

Maybe you will think of someone special and bring that love into a phrase that can be sent out to others.

I don’t know...just some thoughts.

I could write about everyone that has helped the Healing Knots mission stay alive...so thankful for you.

I could write about tiny wooden beads that keep rolling into people’s lives.
In fact, last night a friend came over because it was her 10 year anniversary of being diagnosed with breast cancer...talk about a thankful for – 10 years of life free of Cancer!
I quickly made her a new bracelet with 10 gold beads in a row.
How could there be any other gift to give her....

OH, I will think on this.
And, thankful that a loved one will get home safely - broken and in need of healing.  
But, we are all broken and in need of healing.  Aren’t we?
And if every day just brings us an ounce of hope and a spoonful of love.  
I think that is what we are thankful for.
One day at a time.

Love to all.

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