Light A Candle

A few years ago my sister gave me this candle for Christmas. How simple is it to wrap words around a candle. Every year I pull the candle out and realize how powerful it is to just read these words on a regular basis. I brought it out early this year and the words are as powerful as they were when the candle was first given to me.  

Sometimes just the act of lighting a candle can bring peace into your heart. With so much going on in the world right now…maybe just take a moment to light a candle at the end of your day. It can help you feel the love in your heart and here are some words to add to the experience:

Artistry, Balance, Wisdom, Adventure, Triumph, Grace, Happiness
Perseverance, Altruism, Delight, Bravery, Hope, Innovation, Integrity
Candor, Stability, Cheerfulness, Warmth, Harmony, Relaxation, Curiosity, 
Ambition, Faith, Truth, Romance, Comfort, Resourcefulness, Enchantment

Pick a word and make it come true!!!

Happy Monday!

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