Serendipity, luck, divine timing….I do not know what you like to call it but, I have been having the most magical “run ins” with people.  Yesterday at the grocery store a neighbor and her teenage daughter walked past me in the cracker aisle. I had not seen these two women since last school year.  Oh, it made me smile and be so thankful I just happened to be at the grocery store at the same time on the same aisle with them.

Today I crawled to my car and forced myself to go to 9:30 AM yoga. Last week it was such a special gift. I had my sister-in-law visiting from Asheville and the two of us went to yoga for the first time together…and I wanted to go back and remember it again this week.

As I dropped my mat I was really close to the person in front of me….I thought, “Oh, my that person is going to be so cranky that I am too close….” I jumped into downward dog trying to catch up with the class. As I peeked at the person in front of me, it was my daughter’s friend Claire. The two of them are the silliest, talk on the phone every night, kind of girls. I know this story well, I had a friend in high school that I had to talk to every night…for hours!!! Something about teenage girls and long phone calls never changes.

Well, as I looked to the right another friend of my daughter’s was there. OH, that made me so happy that 2 girls had rolled out of bed and made it to yoga. They are 15 and 16 years old. It just filled my heart to know that they were moving, sweating and doing something so healthy for all of the stress and exhaustion that fills their days. 

Being a teenager in this world of 2015 is one tough story. I have no idea how they navigate all of the distractions and demands that did not even exist when I was younger. So today it was another moment of serendipity and timing…to see these precious girls getting some yoga in their day. What I would have given to have had yoga in my teenage years. I found it when I was in my 30’s…..and it has brought me so much peace and comfort.

Today I am so happy all ages are finding the peace of moving and stretching their bodies. Working on staying healthy and balanced from the inside out.

The words that will keep me remembering today came from the teacher at the 9:30 class…they are “Don’t let anyone take your PEACE away.”

Today my heart was filled with peace. 

Seeing two young girls on their mats, smiling and stretching.
As we hugged and laughed in the parking lot…we all agreed the words that will stick with us…
Don’t let anyone take your PEACE away!!!

Go make it a good day.


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