New Chapters

Dear Healing Knots friends and bracelet wearers,

My apologies for being so silent in the past few days. It has been a new chapter of my life and I have been wearing two or more bracelets a day to get through my new chapter of work. I promise after 4 years of looking high and low, I have found the job that I have dreamed of and want to let all of you know that no matter what you are doing now…keep looking and keep applying for every job you can find that might be your next step in life. Do not ever give up!!!

My perfect combination of new experiences and combing all of my old experiences has truly become my new professional venture. The learning curve is so very steep. But, the future is so bright I really need shades!!!!

So I will be back in action really soon with Healing Knots and bracelets to celebrate life!!!…trust me my silence has been good.

I have so many more bracelet ideas and will start cranking them out again SOON and share the pictures with you.

Most of all, I want to celebrate Emily.  Her birthday was Friday and she is in Austin enjoying the ACL (Austin City Limits) Festival. For those of you that are not sure what that is…imagine 75,000 people, multiple stages with all of the best music you can imagine playing all at once for 3 solid days!!!!

Me, oh, my…it is something to behold.

So many people love this….I am in my backyard having my own ACL….of crickets, birds and sunshine and making a new bracelet creation, of course!!!

So to all on this glorious weekend…get out in the sun, listen to your favorite music and send HAPPY BIRTHDAY love to Emily!!!!!

She is the best, always and in ALL ways!!! Another great year….of life to experience.

On your mark… get set….GO!!!!

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