Today is one of those days that I would love to skip. September 27th is the anniversary of my brother’s death. Oh, we fill our calendar with dates of birthdays, wedding anniversaries, holidays, appointments and all of the reasons that we must remember certain days. But, we never realize that we must start filling our calendar with dates that are those final days that someone is gone. And until it happens to you, it never even has a space on your hard drive. 

Reality is one of those things that becomes different only when you have been hit over the head. It gives you no choice but to make changes. Your eyes see things they have never seen before. Your heart feels things it has never experienced before. You are left with this new experience and nothing feels normal. And at that point you start to realize you must now call this your life again. 

Denial, tears, all of it eventually brings you to that place of acceptance. So now, I accept that my brother is not here. That my memories of him will always be with me. That his love will forever fill my heart and soul with the power of what he was in my life. He was my link to my childhood. He remembers stories and experiences that no one else will ever know. His hugs were the best hugs anyone has ever given me. His phone calls made me smile and laugh every time.


His smile could light up the night sky. He loved me so good. And now I am left to love his three children that are pieces of him. And love them I will. Every time I see them I see him.  


Make today a day that you cherish those you are with. Make today a day that matters to your heart. Make today a day that is simple and you give someone a really big hug that makes both of you feel like you are loved. Today will come and be gone. I will make it through…

One day at a time. One Anniversary at a time.

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