Take Notice...

I went to the coast this weekend and a Blue Heron landed in a plant right next to where I was sitting.  I immediately texted Emily the picture. It was only 9 months ago when Emily shared those gorgeous pictures of a Blue Heron that she and her father had taken at dawn on Thanksgiving Day. This was a time when Emily was changing jobs and the gorgeous bird had such an impact on her, so I made her a Blue Heron bracelet to help carry her to her next chapter. The Blue Heron is a spectacular animal. It is like a gorgeous piece of art to see up close. It has been said that the Heron crossing your path could be a message that it is time to look deeper into aspects of your life that will bring out innate wisdom and show you how to become self-reliant. How could we not want more of that in our lives???

Just to bring the message to my attention yesterday at work a woman from out of town came in. I noticed that she had a bracelet on that looked like Healing Knots. But, it was a color I had never seen. As I got closer I realized it was one of my Blue Heron designs. This is a Special Occasion Triple Wrap all of the beads are the “sky” blue or in my brother’s favorite terms “Carolina Blue” with one silver bead for that special wish, moment or prayer you are carrying. As I spoke with her she explained how she had been given a bracelet when she was working on something really hard in her life. She then found my website and ordered this bracelet. The beads had no blue tint any longer. She had been wearing this bracelet to carry her and help her “not worry.” And it was helping. I said, “Maybe it is time to give this one away, it looks like it has been with you through a long chapter.” Her response, “No, I can’t.”

Something was still holding her with that bracelet. Something deep in her heart was still needing the comfort and the healing. It was a glorious day to meet someone that I had not known….and that I felt so close to. One bracelet at a time. One day at a time. One breath at a time.

With love to all that wear a bracelet…may the Blue Heron be with you today and bring you wisdom.

Go fly!!!

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