Stop and Feel Grace

Yesterday at work a man walked in and he sounded just like my Uncle Bill.  His accent, the cadence of his sentences and he even looked like him a little bit…So I started asking him questions…are you from Atlanta? NO, he answered. But, I went to school outside of Atlanta growing up. As it turns out he did know my Uncle Bill. They went to prep school outside of Atlanta and were boyhood friends. He lives in Washington DC now and grew up in North Carolina. We continued to talk and he shared so many wonderful tales of growing up. The whole time he spoke it was like I was with my Uncle. The song of his voice as he shared more of his life history filled my heart with the love for family, history and sharing our stories. I took a picture with him and his wife and texted it to my Uncle. He instantly knew his classmates name and had not seen him since those days in high school some over 50 years ago.

All of this just made me realize how a total stranger can walk into your life and bring you to a place of joy…taking the moment to feel the Grace of every moment…the Grace to stop what you are doing and listen, listen to someone’s voice, listen to what they want to share from their heart, and the grace of having people in your life that you love. I mean really love. This moment of remembering my Uncle Bill made my whole day. I called him on my way home. His wonderful southern voice was like music in my ear and reminded me of how much I love him and appreciate his love for me and our entire family.

Uncle Bill and Keith
Maybe today you will slow down and feel that moment of Grace…where something really deep in your heart will connect you to a special memory or person that you have not seen or talked to in a long time.  

Grace is everywhere…slow down and feel the power it can bring into your heart.

Make today a day filled with GRACE!!!

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