Yesterday one of my favorite messages appeared on my phone… "I gave a bracelet away…" is how the text began. It came from a  sweet girl in Missouri that I have met because she is a friend of my son's. She shared how dear it was to be able to give it away to someone and how happy it made her feel.  

Healing Knots holds so many moments of joy for me. When others feel the energy that giving a bracelet away can stir in their heart and soul is where I know the true meaning of this mission is brought to life. I always ask people to write the story of how giving away their bracelet happened...reading the words are always the most powerful heartfelt stories.  

It is not often that people actually put their words on paper…but, yesterday I know my brother was smiling down on us. You see…he was an English teacher and I know part of the mission of Healing Knots is not only to feel the deepest level of compassion like he always had, but it is to keep sharing the craft of writing. Not just writing. But, sharing from the deepest corners of your heart.

So in the spirit of my brother and fulfilling the true mission of Healing Knots, I am so proud to share the story that Mackenzie sent me yesterday. 

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Last night I decided to meet up with a good friend of mine, Tori, and an old friend from high school, Paige, who I hadn’t been able to spend time with for a while. We decided to go to our favorite local sushi restaurant then for a sunset bike ride next to the river. We ate and caught up, learning all of the little things we missed out on during the past year of each other’s lives.  The bike ride went slowly—it’s not easy to chat while riding bikes without falling! We made our way to a spot by the river, with a lovely swing and astounding view of the sunset. The three of us sat and talked for at least an hour about everything under the sun. I was wearing my Healing Knots, and Paige commented on how much she liked them…so of course, I had to tell her the story behind them and gave them to her. The bracelet was gold with three blue beads, which had faded since I received the beads; however, Corrine told me a few months ago that “the more the beads are faded, the more wisdom you have gained and the stronger you are.” The more discolored the beads, the more strength and memories in the bracelet. Paige fell in love with it and was so deeply touched by the story.

When I first met Corinne and received a few different bracelets, I was very hesitant to give them away. I formed a deep connection with each one and wanted to keep them as a memory of the time or reason they were given to me. Nathan had to remind me that the meaning behind them was to heal, or to “let go” of the sadness or grief within the bracelet. I had to let go of each bracelet, and with the letting go came the healing. Once I started, I couldn’t stop—I realized the feeling of giving away a bracelet and seeing the look of shock and excitement on someone’s face when you give them one and tell them Corinne’s story is a feeling of euphoria.

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”

As I was driving home, it was one of the most beautiful nights I’ve experienced all year. There was a blue moon that night so it was extra big and bright in the sky. With all my windows down and one of my favorite songs to relax and reflect to playing, I felt so at peace. It was one of those moments where every problem in my life was irrelevant, it was a moment of complete perfection. In that moment I realized I hadn’t felt this tranquil in a long time. It had been so long since I had taken the time to be with myself inside of my own thoughts. I thought to myself how thankful I was to have these knots, a simple bracelet with a world of meaning, that aided me in re-connecting me with a friend, and turned a simple summer night into a spiritual experience—giving me a feeling of perfect happiness I almost forgot I could feel.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Mackenzie, thank you for sharing with us. Peace to all on this glorious Sunday!

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