The Countdown!!

I love this time of year. Summer is my favorite season. Luckily, I live in a place that has 3 seasons….Hot Summer, Medium Summer and Chilly Summer. Texas really does give you the opportunity to never put your shorts away!! Whenever someone moves here I always tell them, “You will spend Thanksgiving in shorts!! Get ready.”

But, this is my favorite season of summer. Every night I beg my husband to come sit on the back porch with me. After being inside for work, I crave the summer sun, heat and humidity. Yes, that horrible word humidity. I have come to realize I don’t even know when it is in the air. So every night I say, "Come on…let’s sit on the back porch…" and most of the time I open the door and he gasps…. "It is so HUMID!!!"

I then go plop down in the chair and respond, “This feels so GREAT!”
We are all so different when it comes to what feels comforting and makes us feel alive. I guess for me it is the bliss of summer, humidity and all!

Many of my Healing Knots creations are made on my back porch with sweat rolling down my back…that is the ever famous “Sun Beading” that I love the most. I feel so fortunate that my favorite thing to do is sit in the sun and make a new bracelet for someone…filling each knot with the sunlight that is pouring down on me and the bracelet!

Not only do I love everything about summer….I love that it is also brings my birthday. Now I will annoy you with this but, I love to celebrate my birthday. I think it comes from losing my mother when she was only 39….I realize that every year is a gift and we are so lucky when a birthday rolls around and we have one more trip around the sun!

So I have been bursting with excitement because my birthday is around the corner. Days away actually! Now, I do not need a party or even a cake. I just need summer! Sunshine, outside activities, swimming of any kind, a cotton sundress, a pair of sandals and marking this time that another year is going to begin and I get to change the number by my name.

Earlier this summer I went paddle boarding with my son Nathan, his girlfriend and Hallie Jane. I decided I was going to behave and wear shorts and a tank instead of my usual bathing suit attire, deciding that hitting 50 might be time to grow up. When I told Nathan I was trying to act my age and not wear my bathing suit….he gave me my birthday present – he said, “Mom, that is ridiculous, you look great for your age!” Okay, the smallest gifts. For years I have been waiting for my kids to yell at me for wearing my running clothes or yoga clothes in public…or telling me that I was embarrassing them. Luckily, his words gave me the gift of  - “Be Yourself, do what makes you feel good, age is not a burden, be proud.”

So….I am filled with Joy and Celebration. I want to share it with each of you.

Remember every day is a gift. Every birthday is another year to make a difference on this earth.
Go play in the summer air and sweat….throw on your bathing suit and go swimming…no matter what birthday you are celebrating!

Happy Day to all make it a fun one.

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