An Angel

My husband just went back to visit his parents. My mother-in-law was having some health issues so it sparked him to jump on a plane and go be with her.

As I shared about Angels in our lives earlier this weekend, Pat Cargnoni is one of those Angels that was placed in my life. I love to tease her that I am her “Favorite Daughter-In-Law!” I am her only Daughter-in-law…but, still…her favorite! It is always so fun to be with her. I have been known to drag her to yoga, make her come to visit the preschool, and most of all just hangout and laugh together. She has such a joyful spirit. Age has only made her more fun to be around. I pray that I, too, will age to become a lighter more joy-filled spirit just like Pat!!!

She has this amazing and easy way of just being in your life. When she comes to visit she folds laundry, cooks meatballs, sits on the floor and watches movies with her grandchildren. She has a way of being present and loving everyone so naturally and so tenderly.

She grew up in Hawaii with 10 siblings. She was the youngest girl. They lived in a house that had no running water. She can make any plant grow, bake the best Christmas cookies, sew a gorgeous quilt from fabric scraps and most of all, she appreciates the beauty of every day.

Hallie made her these 3 single stacking bracelets. She loves blue, silver and white. It makes me smile to know she is wearing Healing Knots in Illinois. She is rockin’ the knots in her 80’s!!!! Healing Knots is for every generation and Pat is our cover girl for how to be in your 80’s!!!

Pat can teach us all how to stop and smell the roses!!!  

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