Getting really quiet and listening.

As life unfolds and I finally get settled into a new routine of work, life and schedule changes it is time to reset the body and learn how to find a new “normal.” Last Thursday I was able to get to a yoga class before work. I was late and the room was packed. The heaters were cranked and the air was filled with life, sweat and healing. You could just feel people getting to their mats to work out the everyday stress and strain that we plant in our bodies and minds.

As I quickly caught up with the class, the teacher said something that has stuck with me and reminded me of one of the most important lessons. She says in her really strong voice, “Your body is the anchor that keeps you in the everyday experience.”

WOW….I have been wanting to write about anchors for so long. The year of grief that followed losing my brother I remember feeling like I was floating in a raft in a huge ocean of sadness. It was amazing the friends that could actually be an anchor to me during the difficult time. Not that anyone could save me from where I was. I was there because my heart was broken and the healing process is slow, mysterious and necessary for healing. But, the friends that were able to come out to me when I was in that raft and were able to be with me and just hold steady while I was just floating. Floating in a sea of new feelings and sadness. 

There was a handful of people that were not afraid to see me not being myself. To see me broken. To love me even when I wasn’t able to crack a smile or lift them up. It was an amazing experience as I look back to see what courage these people had. I was not fun to be around. I did not speak very much. My heart was broken and it dominated my whole being. But, I had friends that dropped their anchors and met me in that sea of pain. This week it is my mission to make some anchor bracelets to thank the people that had more courage than I could ever imagine. I wonder if they even know who they are…the phone calls that would come when I was silent, the emails that would check on me, those days that someone would call to say “let me take you to lunch.” 

We never know how we are going to touch someone’s heart or lift them up when they are down. 
It is always so simple when it comes from your heart. Keep loving today, throw out an anchor, someone will appreciate your support.

“Your body is the anchor that keeps you in today.”

Who and what are your anchors?….love them.

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