Spring – New Growth and New Ideas!!!

Oh, Spring Break is one of those amazing gifts. My poor husband went to school in a tiny town in Illinois called Staunton…he claims that he never had Spring Break when he was growing up. Honestly, that is almost a form of abuse if you ask me. In Alabama they called AEA. I believe it stood for Alabama Education Association and we were given that magical March week break while the poor teachers had to go to some continuing education conference. Chances are they were thrilled to get a break from the students so it was even a treat for them.

Well, today is so special because my preschool job honors that fabulous spring break week and the teachers get the week off just like the students…when I woke up at 5:30am to go meet my faithful neighbor to run, it was raining…I took the liberty to crawl back under the covers and declare it a holiday. Luckily, the morning became sunny…and I snuck out for a run in the daylight hours!!!

I felt like I was on a magical journey in a faraway place…the sunlight was warming my face, the birds were chirping and every few feet I was hit with a new smell of spring. The beautiful purple flowers that when I passed them filled the air with a sweet perfume of new growth, the sweet smells that were like a puff of delight that did not even give you a warning. How can we ever deny that Spring is a time for new growth, hope and re-birth? The air is warm and the colors are popping. This has to be something that is happening inside of us as we shed our sweaters and coats and start to let the sunlight touch our skin again.

Just when I thought this was my gift of Spring and the best way I could have spent my morning, I looked down and saw one of my running gifts. I have this little mission that when I am running, I gather any screw or nail that I see in the road. Trust me, we have had our share of flat tires and I pretend that I am saving some person from that dreaded moment of a flat on the side of the road…
I have such a collection of random nails, screws and small sharp metal items.

So on this day, my mission was being fulfilled and it carried a message that I was so needing… The Nail….I saw it and thought, “there you go…this one is for Emily and she is going to nail it!!!” Then about one step further I found another one….Oh, my…this one is for me and I am going to NAIL IT, TOO!!! I had been carrying Emily in my heart as she interviewed for a new job this week and not knowing what words would help her feel comfort…nothing like a rusty nail in the gutter!!! And, I too, have been in hot pursuit of a new opportunity and how in the world could I find another nail…a little older, a little taller, just like our story!!! So I picked them up and carried them home. I love it when life gives you the props to tell your story and put a smile on your face.

SO….if you are pondering a change, new idea or just want to feel a message of hope and renewal, my advice….head outside!!!! The smells, the colors, the sunlight will wash over you and bring you comfort and a burst of spring. And, who knows what new growth or ideas you might stumble upon. 
Go celebrate the gift of Spring!!! It is outside waiting for you….

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