Lightness Through the Dark

Today I am wearing a new color design...it is the chocolate beads with the chardonnay elastic. As you can see it is plain and simple. The cord is light, the beads are dark…"Lightness through the Dark!!!"

That is what I will be wearing this week and maybe for the next few weeks. It is one of those chapters in my life where something is really hard and who knows how we will get to the other side. 

But we will!!! 

And for me to see this bracelet on my wrist, I can keep the faith, cheer for hope and know that we will get to the other side of this and learn what we must.

So, if you are facing a time filled with big life challenges,
if your heart is heavy with worry or deep concern for a loved one,
if you need one more reminder that you will get through a hard time...

I recommend anything that can show you that you must keep carrying the "light," especially when times feel dark!!!

Love to all of you and may your week be one that is filled with love, support and small miracles.

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