Today I woke up and realized I had dreamed about my friend that is currently battling cancer that is in her brain. 

My dream was filled with joy and hope. The two of us were just laughing and talking. She was sitting on the floor with me and her body was healthy and full of energy. She was sitting cross-legged and then ran across the room doing the most beautiful leaps. She was a dancer in high school and in the dream she was leaping to show me what she used to do. 

Oh, this was how I woke up.  Remembering my friend healthy and strong. She is still really strong and she keeps pushing forward with more surgeries, radiation, physical therapy. Her faith and courage to fight this challenge are both keeping her going. This dream made me feel that she is going to win this battle. This dream gave me hope that she will dance again…

How dreams come to us and what they leave us with is one of those heart messages. Sometimes they sit in our memory and really go with us as we face our day. This dream will be with me for the days and months to come. My friend will dance and leap again!

What are your dreams? Keep dreaming….they might come true!

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