Just Be Yourself!!

Who would guess these simple words could be so powerful? A really good friend of mine is so brave. Her goal is to keep adding to a list of “new things” that she has done in her life. Well, this one was truly exhausting. She has been studying to take a test that would give her a Group Exercise Certification so she can teach her exercise class to Seniors at a local gym. She loves working with the older generation and I love working with the babies…we both have taken yoga together for years and it is always fun to hear what she teaches because it is almost like my Creative Movement classes, only in a chair with Seniors.  

Well, this studying has been taking up her every minute and every day, it seems. It was cold last week and I texted her, “Hey, Trudy, today is a wine and cookies day!!!” She could not even take me up on my absolutely sinful offer. She makes these amazing chocolate cookies that have a touch of salt…and they were the perfect treat to sip a glass of wine with on that wintery day. Nope, she was studying. The test was going to be a daylong event in San Antonio. She was so nervous about the part where you had to teach an aerobic routine. She came over and showed me her many “8 count” moves…oh, it was funny. I kept a serious face because she was truly nervous…so I put on my best “supportive friend face” just trying to tell her she will be fine. I knew she would be.

I texted her on Friday when she was at the class and she told me how nerve-racking it was...I would never have the attention or wherewithal to have done this whole thing…I texted her back…"Just be yourself…you will be great!!"

On Saturday she drove across town to sit in a high school gym to watch my daughter do her first solo dance competition. That is the kind of friend she is!!! As we sat on the hard wood bleachers she started to share her story of how it went…34 people in a room, 2 instructors, lots of talk of muscle groups and exercise moves…and she grabbed her bracelet and said, “I wore my bracelet that you made me with the colored beads…and every time I got nervous, I grabbed it and just said over and over…'Just be yourself!'" Her voice cracked and we both had tears in our eyes. Trudy is smarter, kinder, older and wiser than I am, and who would ever guess she needed to hear those 3 words? You never know when 3 silly words and a bracelet can get you through something that is hard, scary or challenging.

It will continue to touch my heart that day by day, wooden beads with knots can still help when you need them! That there is the power of love in the simple gesture of making something for a friend...and when you cannot be there your love is still present and sometimes that is just what you need.

In six weeks we will know if Trudy passed her test. I am guessing it will be a day with chocolate cookies and wine, with a celebration toast! (and bracelets!!)  

Remember…Just Be Yourself!!

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