One Wish: 50th Birthday Party Favors!

On this Tuesday in January, there is sun shining on this little corner of the world that I live in. Hope sunshine has been a part of your day…or week. It certainly helps lift our spirits.

This weekend was a busy one around here. Healing Knots has been invited to be party favors for a 50th birthday party….so we were making lots of bracelets, lots of knots and putting together lots of “one-wish” birthday bracelets!

What a surprise and amazing honor that everyone coming to this birthday celebration will leave with a single wrap or a triple wrap….One Wish Bracelet.

The party host wanted everyone to have something that would remind them of what a special circle of friends they have been for his 50 years….and also, take something to let them fill their heart with one wish for their coming year.

Here are the bracelets that are GOIN’ TO CALIFORNIA.

Happy Trails and may these bracelets bring us more friends in our precious circle of love, healing and celebration!!!

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