Living Artfully

On Saturday I woke up and realized I was not going to let the real world take my day away…I was going to cling to the thought of one last weekend of “the holidays.” Today I was going to read. So I sipped my coffee and started looking at the bookshelf…OH MY GOODNESS…out popped the most amazing book that I had not opened in years. Living Artfully by Sandra Magsamen. This is exactly what I needed to inspire my new year.

Sandra Magsamen is just who could help me remember what I wanted 2015 to be filled with and how to not let the “busy” life sweep me away and disconnect my soul. Her words just jumped right into my heart and started warming my soul. I love everything she says about art and spending your time loving people.

I stepped out onto the deck…brought some beads, and started reading and smiling…from head to toe. I stayed there all day, the sun was shining and I was loving this day.

She is just who I wanted to fill my day and my cup of happiness on this final Saturday of the Christmas break.

I will stop now…because her words on the page say it all.

One more inspiration to start the New Year!!!

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