January Lift Me Ups

For many people, January is a difficult time of year. The dark days of winter weigh heavy on some people’s hearts, and it is a challenge to face their usual life this time of year. Just one of the seasonal side-effects for some, with the holidays over and the fun behind them and back to the daily grind life just isn’t the usual game.

For me, it is the anniversary of both of my parents’ deaths. My mother has now been gone for 41 years today. My father has been gone for 6 years come the second week of January.

It is truly an odd thing that they would both have left this earth in the same month so many years apart. 

So for me, this month can sometimes tip my happy scale. But, I try to take this time to really be present and aware that life is precious and loss is a lifetime experience. 

Every year I find myself in a different space regarding my parents no longer being here.  Some years I completely forget to even acknowledge that January holds these powerful dates in my life. Other years, I range from low impact to high impact emotions….just depending what the moment holds.

As I ponder this day and grasp my feelings of appreciation for a new day, I do feel the reality that it holds for me and my family history. Though it is not always easy, I do think it is important that we own our stories, all of the pieces. So in a loving tribute and celebration to my mother, Carolyn Mitchell Pruitt, I want to send love and inspiration to all that struggle to get through this first month of the new year. 

Know that Healing Knots is always here and we want to lift you and hold your hand, heart and wrist through these times that are not always easy. If I could throw bracelets out of your computer screen that would land on every single persons’ wrist right now I would.

We are all connected, and being there for each other is so very valuable. As I was thinking about today….I wanted to send some ideas to remind us how to make a list of “lift me ups” for January and any month that might hold some hard family history, current history or times when our hearts ache.

Just maybe one of these will get you through a day that is a little challenging:

  • Go outside, nature will fill you with wonder!
  • Find an animal to play with or pet.
  • Find a child to talk to or hangout with; their thoughts are usually more uplifting and they are always happy to share.
  • Wear white!!! Just wearing light colors can lift your heart.
  • Grab a piece of fresh fruit.
  • Light a candle and say a prayer, or make a wish.
  • Write in your journal, even if it is sad news, putting it on paper helps release the hold.
  • Call an old friend and ask them to tell you a joke or share that your heart aches.
  • Buy some flowers to put by your bed.
  • My favorite – do a headstand.
  • Curl up by a fire….and just BE. Sometimes that is enough.

Hugs to everyone that has lost someone in January!!!
And most of all, remember it is just one day at a time….you can do it!!!

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