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This week, we had one of those company wide emails come from the owner with news of change in management. The owner shared a quote from his grandmother and it has been rattling around in my head and really taken root. I do believe her words are a powerful tool to remember when faced with change...

From M. McAdams: “Many years ago my wise and loving 90-year-old Grandmother Ethel told me that she knew her time in this life was limited and that she wanted to share with me a very important observation from her long life: ‘People that accept and embrace change have a happy life and that those who don't, don’t!’"

WOW, I would have loved to have had a cup of coffee with Grandmother Ethel. The simple words of wisdom from her 90 years and how powerful those words still are for us in this crazy technology focused world we are bombarded with in 2015.

I have found myself sharing this quote with so many of my friends this week…amazing how when you really look at change and how you deal with it. You realize you can choose one of two options:
Fight it and be resistant
Accept and move with it!

How will you face change today?  Are you making changes in your life from the inside, or are all the changes just happening to you from the outside world? Is change knocking on your door? And is it time to make it happen?

A friend at work got her hair cut and was upset…WOW!!! I realized…change…it is okay, it will grow back. But, it changed how she felt. She is gorgeous with short hair or long hair, but for her it changed her appearance and that change hurt.

What is changing in your world? How are you facing it?

Change: No more sun…the days of winter weather, days filled with gray, drizzle.

Change: Illness…I have a friend that is fighting cancer and has been undergoing treatment for a couple of years. Oh, so much change…oh, so much.

Change: Growing up…teenage years and hormones invade your precious child and all of a sudden words are different, behaviors are different…

Change:  Budget cuts at work…different procedures and your responsibilities shift.

Change: Choices. Wanting to make changes in your life with intention and purpose – from the inside.

Change:  Someone you love is gone…and you are left to live without them.

I guess for me the hardest piece about change is acceptance. How do we accept this new way of being? Can we stay the same as change shifts our reality? How can it still be your life when someone you love is gone, or something in your landscape has changed?

I found these words this week that felt like such wonderful guidance…

The author said,
 “Be sensitive to the changes both subtle and dramatic around you – and in you.  
Give yourself time and freedom to adapt to these changes and figure out what they mean to you.  
Give yourself time to catch up.  
Be gentle with yourself.  Listen to your needs.  
Let yourself adapt to the changes that are right for you.”
( M. Beattie, Journey to the Heart)

Change is always happening…how can you meet it with love and acceptance?

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