"peace. it does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. it means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart."

Merry Christmas from the Healing Knots Workshop!
Peace to everyone and everything. 


The Courage to Share Your Story

There is something powerful when you are strong enough to share your saddest most heart wrenching story. When you find a person that can put their words on paper and make you feel their pain and celebrate their joy, you feel like you have found a friend. I feel that away about Artis Henderson and her book Unremarried Widow.

Back in 2013 when Healing Knots was just beginning to come to life, a woman from the Methodist Church in our community asked if I would make a presentation to a grief group that she was leading. Mary Lou is a very kind soul that has been having a ministry of outreach and love to those that are suffering for years. I was so happy to come share my story with others that were healing from heartache. It was a Wednesday night and the group was gathered in the church library. It was a mix of men and women and they were different ages. It felt like I was coming into a very private club. You could feel the tenderness that this group shared. They opened the meeting and I shared my story, my beads and the whole experience that Healing Knots has brought to my healing process and that of others. The group was quiet and interested. I packed up and left, feeling very honored to have been invited into a really intimate environment.

A few days later I received an email from Mary Lou. She wanted to design a bracelet for her precious niece Artis. She shared the story how Artis had lost her husband, written a book and was now on her book tour. She felt that a bracelet might help her feel the strength of her love for her husband and hold his memory around her wrist to help her on the book tour. The bracelet was so tender. The number of beads for her husband’s life. A small heart and a small star pendant. The heart because the two of them shared a very deep love and the star to honor his service in the military.

She mentioned that Artis's book was for sale and that I might enjoy reading it. The book is Unremarried Widow. I found that to be a confusing title….but, also felt like I could trust Mary Lou, so I quickly ordered a copy. It is not often that Healing Knots bracelets are made for author's to wear on their national book signing tours…SOO, I knew this was an opportunity that had meaning.

The book arrived. I opened it one cloudy Sunday morning. There I sat curled up in a chair in the window of my living room….I could not stop reading that book. I had smiles, tears, heart palpitations for the most beautiful love story. Page after page brought me closer into this amazing story, told straight from the heart. The words on the pages are like a friend sharing her deepest secrets. Artis is a person I want to know; I want to have coffee with her in my kitchen. She writes with such honesty, vulnerability and truth. My entire family has not seen me read a book for months…much less stay in the same chair for hours and turn page after page. Well, that is what I did and that is what you will do if you find her book.

Truly, I am beyond honored to introduce you to Artis Henderson. She wears a bracelet. She has felt pain, great pain, great loss, great love and has the courage to tell her story.

Artis Henderson rocking her Healing Knots on her book tour for Unremarried Widow
She is so special and Healing Knots celebrates her healing and courage to write her story.

If you need a present idea this December, give the gift of Artis’s story. You will not be disappointed!​


Don't Pick Up Energy That's Not Yours

"Most of us have crabby days and an abundance of our own feelings to deal with. We don't need to let others splash their negative energy on us. We don't need to pick it up and carry it around. If someone splashes your windshield with mud while you're driving down the road, what do you do? You wash it off and go on your way.

Learn to tell when what you're feeling is your emotions, and your business. Learn to tell when someone has splashed on you. You don't have to take responsibility for what's not yours. Be done with it as quickly as possible.

Thoughts are energy. Crabby thoughts and crabby emotions can be like mud. If someone splashes on you, wash off your windshield, send them a blessing, and go on down the road."

-Melody Beattie, Journey to the Heart


Give it Away!!

As I spread out my mat today in yoga, I knew that the bracelet I was wearing should be given away.  Now that was a silly feeling because I love this particular bracelet. It was a color combination I would have never dreamed of on my own. Someone made an order and designed the chardonnay elastic with the chocolate beads and copper accents. So I had made one to wear because the colors created such a warm feeling. The chocolate brown bead with a light gold elastic coming through, and then the sparkle of the copper really brought more light. Something about the light colored elastic coming through the dark bead really symbolized moving through anything that was dark or hard to handle. I had three copper beads in a row to symbolize my children and I have been loving wearing this bracelet.

As the yoga studio filled with the Sunday morning  usuals….I almost jumped up to go give my bracelet to Dean, the instructor and owner of the studio, so he could just give it to someone during or after class. He has let me sell Healing Knots bracelets in his studio and he has watched, supported and cheered this whole development of Healing Knots from the very beginning of time. He witnessed me barely walking through those days and months of such deep sadness and tells the story that I started to smile when the bracelets were created. He says that bead by bead, I came back to life and could smile again!!!

So sometimes I give him a bracelet to just gift someone during class. He always has a really interesting way to weave it into the practice. But, today I just stayed still on my mat waiting for class to begin. I looked around and the class was jammed. Everyone working off their holiday treats and toasts, no doubt. It was an amazing day because the last time I had been to class was a week ago, so I was thrilled to be getting back into the yoga thing again. And, my 21 year old son was joining me for class. There is nothing in this world that I love more than having one of my children in a yoga class with me. To see them moving and twisting and to know that they are healthy and sweating with me, well, it is the best gift I could ever receive.

So, we start class and get into our first downward dog. As my eyes search the upside down people in the back of the class I see a familiar face over by the mirror. It is a woman that I first met when I moved to Austin in 1992. We met in this women’s networking group. Our lives have crossed paths since in mysterious ways and we are both now the mother of 3 children. Her son is in my daughter’s grade and I had heard that he had been in a bit of trouble at school this year. My heart ached for her when I heard the story because when a child is in trouble, there is usually a mother behind the scenes who has an aching heart. So I had wanted to reach out to her a few months ago knowing how it feels to be the mother dealing with all of the details of the punishment…and that is where the story that had started with my bracelet needing to be shared finished. I knew I was going to give that bracelet away…..and she had been on my heart for weeks. The three copper beads were perfect to represent her three children. The light coming through the dark bead was just the symbol for her to know that through this darkness light will come.

I knew it was right ….because my heart was so attached to this bracelet…so it was going to actually hurt to give it away!! That means it is making a true gesture of love and caring; genuine and from the heart.

Class finished and I knew that I could not go disturb her final rest on the mat…when I gathered my water bottle and my mat she was sitting up, so I had my opportunity.

I sat down next to her and just carefully mentioned that I had heard her son had had some trouble at school….I shared that I had a son that had been in the same “time out” environment and I knew how hard it was. I placed the bracelet on her wrist and told her that they will get through this and it will be okay...just boys learning lessons!!! She said he was done with all of the measures with the school last Friday and she had felt such a pressure lift from her body. She had no idea it had weighed so heavily on her. We are fragile, I reminded her, and when our children hurt, so do we. She held the bracelet and said it would be a symbol to remind her of what this experience had taught her. I wished her a Merry Christmas. 

She waved to me in the parking lot. And, my heart felt so good. Those times when you feel alone because you are in shock, when you have someone you love that is suffering, when you are not yourself because you ache….I know those days. Sometimes a stranger can just say, I understand.  And, today a bracelet and yoga gave me just the holiday cheer I needed!!!
Love to all of you as you face another week in December.  

Remember to spread holiday cheer!!!


A Special Order

Yesterday I spoke with someone that was so instrumental in my life.  She is the mother of one of my very best high school friends.  Her house was the place we all went to hangout, eat dinner and just sit on the couch and chat.  It was always a fun place because it was the house of 5 girls.  Yes, this wonderful woman is the mother of 5 amazing girls.  Just imagine the wave of  hormones when puberty hit!!!

But, Shirley, which is what we call her, was always there and always welcomed you.  My friend Kimmie and I would go over there even if our partner in crime, Sissy was not around.  Shirley kept the kitchen well stocked and we had many a snack and late night chuckle with her.

So all of us grew up.  Shirley moved to Florida, re-married her high school sweetheart and I still try my best to end up at her house for a night of snacking and laughter.  I was so lucky to do so a few years ago with husband and 3 children in tow.  My children commented “they feel like family” and “you and Sissy act like you are sisters.”  Well, that is the truth.  And that is the gift of this special family that I snuck into years ago in Birmingham, Alabama.

Well, Shirley keeps following Healing Knots and is so proud of all that we are doing and making.  We spoke yesterday because she wants Christmas presents for her daughters…bracelets for all 5 girls that have the 5 sister beads and one for the mother!!!  To remind each of them that they are always connected to each other even though they live in Colorado, Florida and Alabama.

6 Turquoise beads in a row to remind these 6 amazing women of their bond of love and support. Remembering that you are “Knot” alone is something we all need.

Just to share the color turquoise and the attributes it brings: 

Turquoise, a blend of the color blue and the color green, has some of the same cool and calming attributes. The color turquoise is associated with meanings of refreshing, feminine, calming, sophisticated, energy, wisdom, serenity, wholeness, creativity, emotional balance, good luck, spiritual grounding, friendship, love, joy, tranquility, patience, intuition, and loyalty.

I am so excited to make this Christmas order….6 amazing women that will all be connected with a bracelet of their own!!!!  I will send pictures of them all…It will warm your heart!!!

Who do you want to connect with this holiday season….would a bracelet help remind you of your love and connection with that special person even when miles keep you from being together?  
Do you have a special color that would embody the feelings of love and support you would like to share with someone?

Just a thought on this December morning.

Have a great day!


Chase the Sun

On Thanksgiving morning, I woke up before the sun and took a trip with my favorite person. We drove half an hour away and chased the sun.

Not only did I capture some shots that will forever remind me of this day, but I captured memories. My dad and I joked around, saw incredible colors and just spent quality father/daughter time together. It was the greatest gift. 

What memories are you capturing this week? Happy December!!