Thankful For...

This little framed quote has always been one of my favorites…and this time of year “Being Thankful” is just the right thing. Emily and I decided we should do a Thanksgiving countdown. Starting today just write one thing you are thankful for and do that every day until Thanksgiving day.  By the way….I am forever thankful for Emily…

So every day until Turkey day…a moment of “Thankful.”
Why not?  They are always telling us the way to happiness is through gratitude. The smallest moment of deep gratitude can lift depression and bring that light back into your heart.

So let’s do it today….what are you thankful for? What keeps your heart feeling warm even when it is chilly outside? Write it down, call someone and tell them you are thankful for them, just take a minute and know you are blessed in so many ways. One moment of gratitude will make you have a better day!!!

Have a great Saturday!!!

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