A few weeks ago I received a text from my friend Angela. Her daughter, Allie, attends Millsaps College in Mississippi. She has taken a semester to study abroad, in Spain to be exact. Angela’s text read like this...  

"Got this text from Allie this morning. You are known for Healing Knots all over the world!  You have arrived!...From Allie - “Mom! A girl in my class in Spain is wearing a Healing Knots bracelet!!!”

Now you can hardly believe the quote that the world is actually a small place...but, on days like this one it is miracles, destiny or just pure bracelet luck that two wonderful young women that are on the other side of the world could find each other by wearing a little bracelet made with love, healing and celebration.

Brittany Clarke is a firecracker of a girl that was going to Concordia University here in Austin. She is from Illinois. We were working together as she was preparing for her next semester of study. She was so excited to go to Morocco....and then the Ebola outbreak caused her program to change her destination. She was now off to Spain. I had spent weeks making Morocco references and how she was going to have to dye her blonde hair to fit in...and now off to Spain. Well, she can still dye her hair. I gave her a bracelet I had just made because she loved it and I wanted her to feel safe and remember that we loved her and supported her even from our tiny little world in Texas as she headed out into the big world.

Allie D’Andrea has always loved traveling and spent the summer preparing for her trip to study in Spain. She carefully designed her bracelet to keep her hopes, dreams and family close to her while she ventured out to new adventures.

Both of these girls are so kind, so thoughtful and such joys to be with. It makes my heart feel like I am 20 again just to be in their company. If I could have hoped they would be friends and have each other to lean on....I probably would have put them in touch...it just never even crossed my mind. 
Spain is a big place!!!

Well, as we say around here...bead by bead, knot by knot!!!!  Hearts connect, bracelets connect...who knows what today will bring. Wear your bracelet you never know who you might meet!!!

Allie and Brittany in class at The University of Salamanca in Salamanca, Spain.

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