New Month...Stay Zen

How in the world did November happen this fast??? Sigh. Take a deep breath and get ready for the roller coaster of holidays, winter days, decorating, shopping, food and fun.

As I was fixing some hot tea last night…I stopped and realized that maybe this can be how I hold on to the calm over the next few months.

Just stay Zen…sip your tea wear a bracelet…watch the sunset and remember the best moments are those when we connect with another person’s heart. When we share something so deep that both people walk away with a piece of their heart shared and loved.

Last week I gave a friend a birthday bracelet. We are new friends and she has not been a part of my life for more than a few months. So she has not watched this Healing Knots story grow into a new piece of my landscape. We work together so it is one of those relationships that we only know each other on the “work” life level. She had lost her brother 10 years ago and also, her father. I put a silver bead for her father and a gold bead for her brother. She came to me with tears in her eyes after she opened her little brown bag. Her bracelet was on and we hugged. She cried so hard she was shaking.  It was raw, it was real and it was love.  Her love for her brother has been on her heart for years, but, where is there space or time to feel it and process what it is doing to our hearts and lives? We sat together and shared what it is like to love a brother so much and not be able to accept that we must live without them. I shared with her a tiny tip that my “Dirt Sister” taught me. When you miss someone that is gone….just say this out loud…..I LOVE YOU KEITH.  I asked her what her brother’s name was (and is!) and she answered Kevin. I invited her to start saying it over and over when her heart aches for him….I love you Kevin!!! I love you Kevin!!! I promise you it will soothe you and keep your love alive. The love in your heart will always be there….he will always be there.

She cried again….and that is okay. Those tears are watering the seeds for new growth…..every tear brings us deeper into our hearts. Our tears keep us living, feeling and loving.  

Most of all, we are so lucky to love someone so much that even years later our heart aches for them.  Love never ends…keep loving, crying and connecting with others. This is how we make this life experience so rich and so true.

Sherri, know that Kevin loves you, today and always. 

Happy November. Stay chill. Stay real and love each other!

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