Dillo Mom

I want to introduce you to an amazing person. Her name is Laurie Anderson. I met her back in 1987 in Los Altos, California. We met at an event company called California Host. We became fast friends and she has loved me like a daughter ever since. She was the Operations Manager and I was an Event Coordinator. There was a 3rd character that was part of our team. Her name is Susan and she was the Sales Girl that sold the events and Laurie and I did to the work with her to bring them to life. Well, the three of us became family. Laurie never had children of her own but instead we found each other and she is our official “Dillo Mother.” We coined the phrase Armadillos after we had a going away dinner for Susan when she and her husband moved to Las Vegas early in their marriage. We all had a departure dinner to celebrate her new chapter and the party ended in my backyard howling to the moon and doing these amazing “Dillo” poses as the moonlight graced our gathering.

Yes, years have passed since that glorious night of wild Tequila and Dillo poses. But, the three of us have stayed connected on some heart level ever since. Recently, Laurie and Susan both received Healing Knots bracelets. Laurie was one of those dream daughters that took care of her mother. And her mother was a “pistol!!” Probably where the Dillo Mom got her spark.  Laurie’s mother lived well into her 90’s and this bracelet was made in memory and celebration of her mother. Laurie is the queen of color!!! Every outfit has matching earrings, necklace, socks and down to the undergarments. She is an event coordinator in every sense of the word. I love her and will always cherish that I have a “Dillo Mother.” I share these photos with you because they tell her story….just enjoy the gorgeous scenery of the California ranch…breath in the fresh air and the beauty of a mother-daughter memory of love and celebration. Introducing, Laurie’s bracelet at the Running Creek Ranch! As we head into the week of Thanksgiving…Laurie, always know I am so thankful for you in my life!!!

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