A Year of Love

The last year has been filled with so much love and healing. 
Here are a few of our bracelet wearers & story sharers.

35 beads for Matt's family to hold them and remind them of Matt's love and spirit

 A bracelet in memory of Sophie. So happy to see that smile!

With love from a brother's garden in Sebastopol, California

Bracelets at the Farmers Market

Stacked necklaces at church 

Bracelet for a new move

Bracelet to remember Matthew...always and forever

Bracelets going to yoga in Alabama

For a successful surgery 

Headed to Pikes Peak. Bracelet for safe travels

At long last. Aunt and momma bracelets that prayed this baby out of ICU

 Bracelets to carry you through the next chapter: college orientation

Bracelets for turing 50. A grand celebration indeed!

Thank you for the last year of love, healing, sharing and so much more. We're thankful for each and every one of you who support this journey and new chapter. Happy Wednesday!

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