Tape It

Today was a day when I needed a piece of duct tape to be handy...just the right length to cover my entire mouth!! I could feel that S.M.S. starting to build...for those of you that are not familiar with this syndrome, it is the "Sassy Mouth Syndrome." Now, I am not certain if it is because I am the 3rd born daughter so I had to acquire a way to get attention when the two older sisters were always talking, or if it is from being a flight attendant early on in my career where I learned to say anything with a smile on my face and get by with it...or if it is just a characteristic I am stuck with from a long line of "sassy" genes.

So as I headed in to work today, I could feel that problem starting to grow. When I got to work, it did not go away. Next thing I knew, I was trying everything to keep the mouth closed. I realized that wearing my bracelets is another way I try to guide myself to make better decisions and take the high road. They hold me down when the heat starts to rise internally.

It gets so hard when you feel like no one is listening, or you are frustrated because you are being faced with another life lesson that you have already lived 2 or 3 times...and you thought you had learned it the first time...

All of this, making us short tempered, intolerant and far too willing to tell the truth when it is probably not your best plan.

So, I put on a big, light colored bracelet to help me keep it light today, and I decided I would keep this piece of duct tape by my computer to remind me...sometimes taping it shut is your best bet.

Hope you have some tape handy when you need it. Or, throw on a bracelet, it can help you remember what are the "knots" that you need to untie, and when, and even better...who is the right person to share that thought with so it is helpful and not hurtful.

Just a thought...I have almost made it through the whole day and the bracelet and threat of duct tape have kept my comments at bay!!

YEA! One day at a time.

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