Meeting Michael

Yesterday I met Michael and I was reminded once again to "see beauty!"

As I rounded the corner of the burger drive-thru, I saw a familiar face. I asked him, "Are you Michael? I dropped a bracelet off for you a few weeks ago, because I wanted to thank you for making my day."

A huge smile covered his face and stretched his right arm forward and on his wrist, a bracelet...with beads that had already started the seasoning.

He smiled and said, "I never take it off."

He quickly found someone to cover the cash register and we met in the restaurant. We shook hands and hugged. Like we were old friends.

Some kind of heart connection was made from that day. Words will never describe that we felt like we were old friends and knew each other.

Michael and Corinne
I told him I had written about him and gave him the blog address. He smiled and we hugged again. Just pure heart. That is all I felt from him. His eyes were so bright, his smile sparkles and his heart is overflowing with grace and kindness. My guess is he has an amazing story to share. He is living something that is oozing out of his soul and he is bringing beauty to all that he meets. I will go back and find out his story. It is going to be worth sharing, I am certain. Something has touched his soul that has brought him to a place of great compassion.

So happy to add him to our circle of love, healing, celebration and bracelets!

Has someone changed your day by showering you with kindness? Please share your story.

We all needed to be reminded of love and kindness.

Have a beautiful day!


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    1. Michael's smile goes into the Healing Knots Hall of Fame. Thank you so much for sharing him with the world!