Every time someone orders a bracelet for a friend, I always ask if they can send me a picture of the two of them with their bracelets. Sometimes I get a picture of the two friends with smiles on their faces, embraced in a friend, happy pose. Other times, I get a picture of the two of their hands, sometimes clasped, or somehow together, showing that they are close and can get the wrist wearing the bracelet and the hand included. There is always something so beautiful about just the hand holding another hand. Just the comfort of reaching out to someone...lending them a hand. Having a friend hold your hand during those times when that is all you need.

I have been wanting to offer a bracelet special. For anyone who orders a bracelet, triple wrap or single wrap...you get a single wrap for free. This is so you can give your friend a bracelet, a gift, a "thank you" for being there!

Friends have been so amazing to me my whole life. But, more recently when I was not in my normal routine or carrying on like my "normal" self, the friends that were there to hold my hand and give me a hug have been my lifeline to joy.

It goes without saying that my friend and partner for the last 25 years has been able to cross over so many rocky roads with me and still be my friend. How a husband can also be a friend is always one of those marriage miracles!! I am blessed in that camp.

But, those special friends who make you feel like "home." When your life is hit with something, and you are uncomfortable in your own skin...being home doesn't even feel the same. But, certain people can sit with you, call you, or even email and ahhhh!! Your heart feels peace and you feel safe. Like you are sitting in your favorite chair, wearing your favorite PJs and have your feet covered with a soft blanket.

To those friends, I want to offer a gift; a thank you. I am so thankful for your ability to love, guide and support other people when, many times, I know your own heart and life is facing struggles...

Today, Emily and I have declared it "Friends Friday." Back when my kids were in elementary school, we always had Friends Friday. It meant bring home as many friends as you want to, and we will play outside and celebrate making it through another week. So, starting today through next Friday, order a bracelet and get a single strand for free...for your friend that helped you make it through this week, year, or lifetime.

Thank a friend...

Who made you feel like you were home this week?
Who held your hand and helped you walk when you could barely stand?
Who understood what you needed when you couldn't even understand yourself?

We must thank these people. They are the treasures in your life.

Order bracelets via the Healing Knots website. In the "Additional Comments or Special Requests" section, type, "Friends Friday" and describe your bracelet design. We will include a matching pattern of your design as a single strand for a friend!

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