Broken Heart = Strength

On Saturday, I met with two bracelet wearers for coffee and to catch up on everyone's recent life happenings. It was a crisp October morning and the coffee shop was abuzz with conversations and happy coffee drinkers. We sat at a picnic table in the shade. We each shared what was on our hearts and how we had managed over the past few weeks. How we had face what was our normal work, relationships and responsibilities, but more than that...where our hearts were feeling pain and how our entire lives were still forever changed. All three of us are in different stages of life, different stages of grief, different moments of growth and struggle. But, the most amazing thing is that these women are so brave. We come together as three broken hearts, but as we share and support each other, we become this circle of incredible strength. Raw. Emotional. Honest. But, STRONG.

It is amazing how admitting you are broken creates a mountain of strength. The strength to say "no" when you know you are depleted. The courage to make changes in your life when you realize you can no longer show up as who you have been. And, most of all, the courage to love and care about others that have had to face great pain. All of this left us in tears, smiling, and, most of all, creates this amazing soul connection. I drove home and tears streamed down my cheeks.

My tears on Saturday were of overwhelm, gratitude and deep appreciation. How my bracelets have landed me in the company of these broken hearted people, and they are some of the strongest people I have ever known.  A broken heart = strength. I have no idea how this is true, but I am living it and learning it from so many people.

Keep loving, healing and knowing that your broken heart is making you so strong.

Thank you to everyone that has the courage to share their stories. Together we will heal and make a new circle of family to walk down our paths of life. And we will shine!

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