Let Go

"Have you been working too hard at your job, at life, at your spiritual progress? Have you been working too hard on your relationships with people, on trying to gain insights, or on trying to figure out where to go or what to do next?

Many of us have had to work hard. To get from where we were to where we are, we had to push, force, put one foot in front of the other. At least we thought we did. But life doesn't have to be that hard. Not anymore. The biggest task, the smallest task, the task of living our lives doesn't have to be that difficult.

There's a natural rhythm for everything that happens along the way. There's a natural rhythm and order for all we're to do. Yes, there are times to begin. Yes, there are times to put one foot in front of the other and go forward. But, the joy, the service, the way of life we're seeking doesn't come from force. It comes naturally, easily, much more easily than you think. Stop pushing so hard, and see how quickly that rhythm finds you.

You don't have to make life happen. In fact, you can't. Relax. Let go. And let it happen."


Fall Bracelet Giveaway

Photo: Susan LaCroix
"Autumn...the year's last, loveliest smile."
-William Cullen Bryant

It finally feels like Fall. For us, a new season means a new reason for a bracelet. Visit our Facebook page and like our giveaway post for a chance to win a triple wrap bracelet that you design. Winner will be chosen next Tuesday! Best of luck and enjoy this beautiful weekend. 


Slow Down

Slow down this weekend. Pay attention to what is around you and what matters the most.


Choose Joy

"Choose joy. Then cherish and savor it.

Joy is not a fleeting emotion based on outward circumstances, a transitory feeling of the moment, a reaction to the scenery around you. It comes from within your heart like the waterfall that rushes out the side of a mountain. Joy is a runoff from the wellspring within you. And sometimes it is a delightful, surprising contrast to the scenery around you.

Embrace joy. Relish it. Even if those around you don't have it right now, you can feel your joy. You don't have to be disrespectful of their feelings, nor do you have to let their lack of joy diminish yours.

You have done your work. You have chosen to open your heart. Now you have your reward.

Cherish joy. It's your treasure. You've found it. You've earned it. It's yours."


Broken Heart = Strength

On Saturday, I met with two bracelet wearers for coffee and to catch up on everyone's recent life happenings. It was a crisp October morning and the coffee shop was abuzz with conversations and happy coffee drinkers. We sat at a picnic table in the shade. We each shared what was on our hearts and how we had managed over the past few weeks. How we had face what was our normal work, relationships and responsibilities, but more than that...where our hearts were feeling pain and how our entire lives were still forever changed. All three of us are in different stages of life, different stages of grief, different moments of growth and struggle. But, the most amazing thing is that these women are so brave. We come together as three broken hearts, but as we share and support each other, we become this circle of incredible strength. Raw. Emotional. Honest. But, STRONG.

It is amazing how admitting you are broken creates a mountain of strength. The strength to say "no" when you know you are depleted. The courage to make changes in your life when you realize you can no longer show up as who you have been. And, most of all, the courage to love and care about others that have had to face great pain. All of this left us in tears, smiling, and, most of all, creates this amazing soul connection. I drove home and tears streamed down my cheeks.

My tears on Saturday were of overwhelm, gratitude and deep appreciation. How my bracelets have landed me in the company of these broken hearted people, and they are some of the strongest people I have ever known.  A broken heart = strength. I have no idea how this is true, but I am living it and learning it from so many people.

Keep loving, healing and knowing that your broken heart is making you so strong.

Thank you to everyone that has the courage to share their stories. Together we will heal and make a new circle of family to walk down our paths of life. And we will shine!



It is such a beautiful time of year to be outside. Take this week to hang out in nature (take your bracelet with you of course) and send us pictures of your bracelet in the most gorgeous spot, or even by a flower, a rock, or river. We would love to see where everyone is hanging out to enjoy their Fall days. 

The best photo will win a bracelet. More details to come next week regarding the Bracelet in Nature Photo. 

SARK illustrated this perfect page in her book Succulent Wild Woman that perfectly depicts the healing powers of nature.

Happy Monday to all!



Every time someone orders a bracelet for a friend, I always ask if they can send me a picture of the two of them with their bracelets. Sometimes I get a picture of the two friends with smiles on their faces, embraced in a friend, happy pose. Other times, I get a picture of the two of their hands, sometimes clasped, or somehow together, showing that they are close and can get the wrist wearing the bracelet and the hand included. There is always something so beautiful about just the hand holding another hand. Just the comfort of reaching out to someone...lending them a hand. Having a friend hold your hand during those times when that is all you need.

I have been wanting to offer a bracelet special. For anyone who orders a bracelet, triple wrap or single wrap...you get a single wrap for free. This is so you can give your friend a bracelet, a gift, a "thank you" for being there!

Friends have been so amazing to me my whole life. But, more recently when I was not in my normal routine or carrying on like my "normal" self, the friends that were there to hold my hand and give me a hug have been my lifeline to joy.

It goes without saying that my friend and partner for the last 25 years has been able to cross over so many rocky roads with me and still be my friend. How a husband can also be a friend is always one of those marriage miracles!! I am blessed in that camp.

But, those special friends who make you feel like "home." When your life is hit with something, and you are uncomfortable in your own skin...being home doesn't even feel the same. But, certain people can sit with you, call you, or even email and ahhhh!! Your heart feels peace and you feel safe. Like you are sitting in your favorite chair, wearing your favorite PJs and have your feet covered with a soft blanket.

To those friends, I want to offer a gift; a thank you. I am so thankful for your ability to love, guide and support other people when, many times, I know your own heart and life is facing struggles...

Today, Emily and I have declared it "Friends Friday." Back when my kids were in elementary school, we always had Friends Friday. It meant bring home as many friends as you want to, and we will play outside and celebrate making it through another week. So, starting today through next Friday, order a bracelet and get a single strand for free...for your friend that helped you make it through this week, year, or lifetime.

Thank a friend...

Who made you feel like you were home this week?
Who held your hand and helped you walk when you could barely stand?
Who understood what you needed when you couldn't even understand yourself?

We must thank these people. They are the treasures in your life.

Order bracelets via the Healing Knots website. In the "Additional Comments or Special Requests" section, type, "Friends Friday" and describe your bracelet design. We will include a matching pattern of your design as a single strand for a friend!


Salt Water

I ran away last weekend to Galveston and it was just what the doctor ordered. 

Where are your favorite places to run away and catch your breath?


Tape It

Today was a day when I needed a piece of duct tape to be handy...just the right length to cover my entire mouth!! I could feel that S.M.S. starting to build...for those of you that are not familiar with this syndrome, it is the "Sassy Mouth Syndrome." Now, I am not certain if it is because I am the 3rd born daughter so I had to acquire a way to get attention when the two older sisters were always talking, or if it is from being a flight attendant early on in my career where I learned to say anything with a smile on my face and get by with it...or if it is just a characteristic I am stuck with from a long line of "sassy" genes.

So as I headed in to work today, I could feel that problem starting to grow. When I got to work, it did not go away. Next thing I knew, I was trying everything to keep the mouth closed. I realized that wearing my bracelets is another way I try to guide myself to make better decisions and take the high road. They hold me down when the heat starts to rise internally.

It gets so hard when you feel like no one is listening, or you are frustrated because you are being faced with another life lesson that you have already lived 2 or 3 times...and you thought you had learned it the first time...

All of this, making us short tempered, intolerant and far too willing to tell the truth when it is probably not your best plan.

So, I put on a big, light colored bracelet to help me keep it light today, and I decided I would keep this piece of duct tape by my computer to remind me...sometimes taping it shut is your best bet.

Hope you have some tape handy when you need it. Or, throw on a bracelet, it can help you remember what are the "knots" that you need to untie, and when, and even better...who is the right person to share that thought with so it is helpful and not hurtful.

Just a thought...I have almost made it through the whole day and the bracelet and threat of duct tape have kept my comments at bay!!

YEA! One day at a time.


Meeting Michael

Yesterday I met Michael and I was reminded once again to "see beauty!"

As I rounded the corner of the burger drive-thru, I saw a familiar face. I asked him, "Are you Michael? I dropped a bracelet off for you a few weeks ago, because I wanted to thank you for making my day."

A huge smile covered his face and stretched his right arm forward and on his wrist, a bracelet...with beads that had already started the seasoning.

He smiled and said, "I never take it off."

He quickly found someone to cover the cash register and we met in the restaurant. We shook hands and hugged. Like we were old friends.

Some kind of heart connection was made from that day. Words will never describe that we felt like we were old friends and knew each other.

Michael and Corinne
I told him I had written about him and gave him the blog address. He smiled and we hugged again. Just pure heart. That is all I felt from him. His eyes were so bright, his smile sparkles and his heart is overflowing with grace and kindness. My guess is he has an amazing story to share. He is living something that is oozing out of his soul and he is bringing beauty to all that he meets. I will go back and find out his story. It is going to be worth sharing, I am certain. Something has touched his soul that has brought him to a place of great compassion.

So happy to add him to our circle of love, healing, celebration and bracelets!

Has someone changed your day by showering you with kindness? Please share your story.

We all needed to be reminded of love and kindness.

Have a beautiful day!