Open Your Eyes and See Beauty

This message came to me on a day when I needed to be reminded of this. A day where my heart was taking in all of the sadness and not letting the light lift me up. I was getting closer and closer to my brother's Angel Anniversary. That is what I call it now. It makes my heart feel better, it sounds better to say it and it certainly celebrates that he was an angel on this earth and he is now an angel in heaven. So consistent that he has always been my angel.

So this day I was holding the space of sadness as my focus. Sometimes, I do think we must give ourselves permission to just go there. If we don't go there, it begins to create a place where we are forbidden. And I know we must feel all of our emotions. In so doing, we can really appreciate getting to the place of peace.

I was coming home from work and starving. Emily and I were chatting about the website needing to be updated and she was rattling off so many business ideas I thought I might have to pull over and take a nap...it was exhausting.

Well, out of nowhere I interrupted her and said, "I think I need a hamburger." I am so sorry if any of you are not beef eaters...but there is nothing like a good burger to give you a protein punch!! I do love veggie burgers, too. But, today it was a hamburger and an Arnold Palmer. I was going to shift my sadness and take this opportunity to celebrate my brother's Angel Anniversary and that was going to be my banquet!! Keith would totally approve. Actually, he would have also ordered a milk shake.

So I pull into the local eatery. Order my burger for celebration. I am barely noticing the kind man that is running out to the car to gather the money and bring my drink. He comes back and gives me the bag with the burger. He pauses and says, "Ma'am, I have to compliment you. You have the most beautiful eyes." I looked up. Truly the first moment I have taken myself out of my swirling thoughts of my sadness, and here is this precious person giving me this gesture of love and kindness.

I froze...and thanked him. And the tears began to roll...I slowly drove away and the tears came crashing down...that sweet person was my angel that day.

His words were straight from my brother and landed right in the middle of that big crack in my heart. What that message was for me was, "Come on, Corinne. Open your eyes and see beauty." See the beauty of your friendships, see the beauty of the sun shining, see the beauty of strangers that step up and say kind things. I had not seen beauty that day. In fact, I had crashed down on so many people that I had talked to and tried to force them not to see any beauty either. SOOO...I will write it and tape it to my mirror...SEE BEAUTY. I will text it to the same people that I had crashed sadness on...See beauty today.

So simple. So true. So healing. So my brother...he wants us all to see beauty.

In each other, around us, in ourselves, and others.

Thank you Michael for bringing me my lunch and reminding me what I had forgotten.

Through you I was reminded and your beauty was shining on that day!

See Beauty! Forever.

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