Who Is On Your Team?

When you hit a wall and you need help…who do you call???

When you need to hop in a car and drive 9 hours to go get someone you love that sounds like they need help …who do you call???

When your heart already feels fragile and you are faced with something you have already felt in your life and it did not end how you wanted it to…who do you call?

When the people you love the most are also frozen by what is happening ...who do you call?

I wish the answer was Ghostbusters….for those of you that remember that fabulous song and movie from the 1980’s….but, I am talking about life. And those moments when you are presented with something that you must step into and face. Sometimes you realize your tool kit is empty, your gas tank has run dry and it is your life and you have to step up anyway.

So…what do you do?  I received a phone call this week from someone I love with all of my heart and soul.  And I could tell they were asking for help. They needed to be scooped up and taken away from where they were. Well, it has been 6 years and I have been waiting for this call. But, on the day that I took the call I was tired, had just returned from a long trip from out of town that was filled with emotion…and going into “action girl” was not on my radar. Well, isn’t that interesting…welcome to life.  It is this strange thing that happens…and it goes like this...are you awake or are you asleep? When someone you love needs you – do you listen or do you pretend you cannot hear??? Do you live life in such a way that you must plan everything and make it perfect or do you realize that you must just GO?

Well, sometimes life is about that moment. And sometimes that moment does not fit your plan.

So I said. I am coming. I packed my suitcase. I woke up to hit the road at 5am.

Made coffee, packed my beads and running shoes, put on my bracelets, backed the van out of the garage. Programmed the address in the GPS. And off I went.  IF you did not notice…the suitcase is still sitting by my backdoor. Interesting. Sometimes when you are on a mission…..a suitcase is not necessary.  Is that why Superman only wore a cape and a Lycra bodysuit???? I ask myself….

I drive…and drive. It is 9 hours of time in the car…My head starts spinning and I realize. I need support.  And then my brain starts spinning my Rolodex. I probably need to explain that to some of you…it is how we use to store our friends names, numbers and addresses. Now it is a cellphone contact list.

I thought…who will be there for me…to answer the phone, understand my mission, give me advice that will help me show up and perform to the best of my ability. In this moment…today.

Mostly, who will be my team to take me to this chapter in life. This meet, this game, this match. How can I show up prepared, confident, filled with knowledge that will help bring a positive outcome? What will make me feel safe, prepared and assured that I have covered all of my bases?

It was an easy list…My team line-up was full of “All Stars.”  They had been with me before to face one of these challenges.  And my roster was not long…I only had 9 hours to pull this game plan together…and the phone calls began.  It was an “all-conference” team because it covered 4 states. It was Alabama, Florida, North Carolina and Texas. What amazing athletes they all are. They specialize in caring, loving, jumping when life needs you and most of all answering the phone when they hear a certain ring that sounds like…. “I need you on a really big mission…right NOW.”

I have not decided what their jersey numbers will be or what our actual team name is…but, these girls all showed up for me and gave me amazing words, advice and encouragement.  When I got to the field to complete my journey…I was ready to play.

I want to thank each of them…and I hope all of you have people like this on your team when you need them…maybe you have not spoken in months or years. But, when you need your line-up…you need your line-up.  The right players will jump and suit up and hit the field I promise…just ask they are there.
Here is the Line-up…Please hold applause until the end.

Linda, from Alabama – She called me back in 10 minutes…she googled my problem, she read about ideas, advice, and ways to show up. She read. I drove and listened. And the best advice was from her own heart and life experience… "Corinne, just meet him with love.” So simple. So pure. And she gave me that same glorious feeling. Thank you.

Chris, my sister-in-law, from North Carolina - She called me back and said, “You have great instincts. If there is anyone that can do this it is you.” Pure support and compassion!!! Thank you.

Karen, college friend from Florida-She told me about being “focused.” She explained to pay attention to one thing do not dilute yourself. She mentioned so many ways to seek strength, healing and guidance. She sighed in the phone as we spoke and held the space for me to feel pain, be vulnerable and to keep hope alive. Thank you.

Emily, from Texas – she laughed with me about the horrible food snacks I had chosen. She kept calling and asking what state I was driving through. She stayed present with me and gave me the inspiration to fill up my tank with laughter and joy that this was going to work…no matter what. Thank you.

My team served me. I showed up feeling calm, full of joy, no fear, just being present. 

I arrived at my destination around 3:00…when I saw him…he was smiling…and he hugged me and wept. It was simple to just show up. All it took was love and a team of support that had filled my tank with love. Applause to all of you!!! I hope that one day I can do the same for you!

Remember that the next time you are scared. All anyone ever needs is love. And a really good te
am of support!!! Wear your bracelets and know love and healing is in the air this week. Celebrate your team of support they are all angels!

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